The Real Sooner Legacy: Documentary Analysis

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Documentary Treatment
The documentary about a “real Sooner” is entitled “The Sooner Legacy” and it centers around the life of Minjie Jiang, a student who moved to the United States from China. In the 10-20-minute documentary, Jiang portrays what a “real Sooner” is through his actions at the University of Oklahoma.
While Jiang’s past is important, the documentary opens up with a few shots of Jiang’s daily life at OU. Jiang wakes up at 8 a.m. every morning to attends his classes for his business major, helps friends with their homework, works with his fraternity, and finishes his own homework.
Next, a definition of a “real Sooner” is shown while different shots of OU campus are displayed. A “real Sooner” is defined as the following: a student who positively impacts the lives of others around them.
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The documentary shifts to showing Jiang help other students understand different business related concepts. The documentary then shows interviews with a few of the students Jiang has helped to show how big of an impact Jiang makes on their lives.
The documentary moves to Jiang helping his fraternity with their events. The fraternity hosts different philanthropy and community service events. Jiang is always looking for an opportunity to help others, so he participates in the orchestration and implementation of the events. The documentary shows Jiang picking up trash left around the south oval, along with images of Jiang helping with The Big Event.
The last part of Jiang’s day is when he sits down to finish his own homework. You can tell by how much he studies and until what time he studies that he is a dedicated student. His classmates all say that he consistently has his homework done and that Jiang tries to participate in the class discussions. The documentary shows interviews with his classmates, along with some of Jiang’s snapchats with a timestamp to indicate how late he stays up

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