The Importance Of Procrastination In College Students

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In the beginning, it can seem like the right choice to make for the individual. He or she can live such a carefree life filled without worry; however, it can easily manipulate him or her until it eventually gets out of control and takes over his or her life. It is only a short matter of time before the individual discovers that his or her “perfect life” is crumbling down, but by then it is too late. Procrastination becomes a part of a routine- a habit. An individual can prevent it once he or she puts his or her mind to it and desires to change. More specifically, college students develop this pattern of putting assignments off to the side until the very last minute. There are numerous reasons as to why students procrastinate, but there are …show more content…
Students should surround themselves with right people that would motivate them to push through and to work hard. The right people include those who will motivate students to achieve the goal or to make necessary changes to become a better person. Those who are easily influenced and hang around those who only party or avoid studying as much as possible will not benefit the student to make smart choices. It is important to stick close to those who have their goals, so students are able to keep each other accountable. By doing this, students are able to remind each other of the benefits of learning, which would trigger them to be more efficient with their time. Students might also have role models in their life: role models that may be influential or negatively impact the student to develop careless attitudes, which might lead to procrastinating. They should talk learn to consider, talk about, or write about the people that students look up to and if those role models do not inspire you to reach your goal, students should consider finding new role models would bring out positive changes on them. What might also help students avoid procrastination is when students are faced under pressure, which allows them to perform better. This emphasizes the theory of social facilitation, which helps explain why performance is better when being watched for simple tasks. This phenomenon explains that when in the presence of other people, performance would be better because people tend to work harder to impress those who are watching. Another psychological term that expresses people to behave better when watched is known as the Hawthorne Effect and this also emphasizes the notion that people affect each other in ways that would benefit the

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