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  • Essay On Home Warranty

    really need a home warranty?" If you are smart, the answer is yes. Home warranties protect against a number of problems that always seem to arise at the wrong times. Plus, they can end up saving you a ton of money in the long run. Why Is Having A Home Warranty Such a Good Idea? A home warranty offers you protection when you need it most. Appliances break down. Pipes burst. Roofs leak. And these problems can appear at any time. When you have a home warranty, you have can have those problems fixed quickly and at a minimal cost. The warranty covers you when you are at home, out of town, or even between jobs. A home warranty is a good solution if you are not a DIY expert or just don't want to deal with these kinds of problems. A broken stove or a blown circuit is not something some homeowners want to spend the weekend fixing. That is where a home warranty comes into play.…

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  • Primary Reasons Why People Buy A Home And Move Into New Home

    Listed below are the primary reasons why people sell their existing homes and move into new ones. 1) The home is too small. First-time home buyers can often outgrow their ‘starter homes’ very quickly. Because owning a first home usually comes at a similar time as starting a damily, the increased family size is the main reason home owners say they would need a larger home. 2) To Upgrade. The grass is always greener on the other side. People often want what they don 't have so they long for…

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  • Why Is Home Inspection Important

    Common Home Inspection Mistakes That Buyers And Sellers Make If you are in the real estate business then you know what a home inspection is. You probably know how important it is to selling property. Most people who aren't in the industry but are simply trying to sell or buy a house probably don't know of or even consider getting a home inspection done and the uninformed generally tend to make mistakes when they contract the services of a home inspector. What is a home inspection? The…

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  • Benefits Of Cleaning Your Home

    Cleaning your home is often the last thing that comes up in the mind and the schedule of a busy person. No matter how big or small your house is if it’s dirty it looks like it’ll take forever to clean it. When you try to keep up with your professional life, taking care of your kids, cooking for your family and trying to find some extra time to spend with your significant other, somehow the cleaning goes to the bottom of your priorities list. When your house is a mess, you feel less productive…

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  • Advantages Of Home Office Furniture

    Working full time from home is no longer an alien concept. It is a reality for a large number of urban populace as well as for those living beyond the city’s limits. Working from one’s own home office offers quite a few advantages such as working in a personalised environment, saving on the commute time and staying close to one’s family. It has multiple drawbacks too none of which is so sorely felt as when you are forced to work from an ill designed home office space. When you are planning to…

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  • Case Study A Glimpse Into Buying Your First Home

    A Glimpse into Buying your First Home 1. Intro Envisioning your life after college began from the beginning you drew your first home. In elementary school, art skills are put to the test to bring the house we aspire to have out from our imaginations and onto a white rectangular sheet of paper. The teacher would ask everyone to raise their drawings up for the class to see. All were unique, yet most with the same nonchalant design: a square base, door, one or two windows, and triangular roof.…

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  • Home Improvement Research Paper

    How do you know if tackling a home improvement project is right for you? How do you know if you have the skills that will be needed to accomplish the task ahead of you? How do you choose the right home improvement project? There is no simple answer to the questions above. Most of the time, choosing a home improvement project is based on need. What needs to be done around your house? Once you have determined what needs to be done, ask yourself if you feel capable, and comfortable doing the task…

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  • Home Inspection Essay

    When you sell a home, as the seller you are usually not the one who is responsible for hiring a home inspector. In the majority of home sale transactions the buyer has that responsibility because his or her mortgage lender requires an inspection prior to loan approval. But, before all that happens you can choose to order and pay for a home inspection for your own purposes. Although it will cost you a few hundred dollars out of your own pocket, it can be well worth it to know in advance what the…

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  • Home Renovation Essay

    in the dream home that you created as a child? Taking control over the design process makes the designing of your home a more engaging, fulfilling and personal experience. Nevertheless, you cannot just start designing without taking a few aspects into consideration because these seemingly tiny slips can add more value to your home. Renovations have become more popular. In fact, the Westpac Renovation Report from 2014 shows that home renovations had increased as much as 147 percent in comparison…

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  • The Importance Of Home Inspection

    In many real estate transactions, home inspections are the first and the last actions taken by the home’s seller. There reasons for both instances are beneficial to the seller for determining the condition of the home and establishing the market listing price. Most homeowners have a sense of pride in their home and from time to time there are mishaps that can surprise the seller resulting in costly expenses for repaid. It’s worth having specialists check the areas a home inspector of your…

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