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  • International Student Homesickness

    Homesickness remains an exceedingly real problem among first time college students, although several students tend to hide it. “Although international students also experienced homesickness and loneliness due to missing their family, friends, and home country, they reported higher levels of homesickness than their U.S. counterparts and that homesickness was likely to increase their adjustment problems in the new environment” (Baba and Hosoda). The whole point of traveling to a new country for the first year of college is to experience different cultures and when international students are faced with homesickness they tend to shy away from others. By being able to explore their surroundings and learning how to navigate the city, students can being to make Monroe their home. Discovering attractions such as; festivals, restaurants, clubs, and shopping venues within Monroe would assist international students in adjusting to the culture and allow them to create memories, experience new aspects of American culture, and establish lifelong friendships in…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Homesickness

    There was a person on Twitter said that: “Homesickness, like any other vaguely communicable disease, won’t go away overnight.” Actually, it’s very interesting to explore the way that individuals react differently when they are homesick. C. Wright Mills, as a sociologist, have indicated in his popular book called The Sociological Imagination that sociological imagination is a tool to help people to see the relationship between personal experience and social facts (Murray, Linden & Kendall, 2014).…

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  • Homesickness Case Study

    To what extent is family involved in the development of homesickness? The thought of homesickness and leaving my parents and home has always brought me horrible memories, and reminded me of painful experiences. Hence, being a subject that heavily influences my life, homesickness is something that I have progressively become more curious about. Every single time that I am challenged by the symptoms of homesickness, I always wonder why I was feeling the feelings that I did, and why I had the mind…

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  • Homesickness And Adjustment In University Students

    1. ead the article ‘Homesickness and adjustment in university students’ by Thurber and Walton (Appendix 1 of your course and tutorial handbook) and answer the following questions in your own words: a. How is this paper relevant to your practice essay topic? This paper details a small section of the broader topic of ‘adjusting to university life’ and provides research on the challenges faced by students as they assimilate into a new environment, what risk factors can lead to some students…

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  • The Challenges Of International Students

    Most international students tend to study in the UK. Moreover, “In 2010, 15% of the student population in the UK were international students” (Lillyman and Bennett, 2014). Because they want to learn a new language and gain valuable experiences. It is natural foreign student will face several problems in adapting to the new environment. For instance; find familiar food, the feeling of homesickness and the adaptation to a new educational system. This essay aims to consider these issues which face…

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  • Physical Health Vs Mental Health Essay

    As freshmen move out of the comfort of their homes, they begin to develop poor mental and physical health. Mental health is defined by as the psychological well-being and adjustment to society. Physical health is the well-being of one’s body. Both mental and physical health affect a person in different ways, but can be related to each other. Mental health can involve something as miniscule as homesickness and stress. Whereas physical health deals with physical well-being such as…

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  • International Student Challenges

    The UK has been a popular destination for International students to opt for higher education, as a result 435,495 international students were enrolled in the academic year 2013-2014 (UK Council for International student Affairs [UKCISA], 2015).Leaving the home country for quality education could build a number of challenges. This essay will, therefore, address some of the challenges faced by International students in the UK and to provide solutions for it. There are many initial challenges a…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Spread Of Nostalgia

    Did you know people have died from nostalgia? In 1688 people were dying of homesickness. Doctors treated nostalgia like they were treating rheumatism. Everything changed in 19 centuries when the government acted to the current rampant outbreak of nostalgia and started encouraging people to be emotionally stronger. Nowadays, people see homesickness as not a big deal. Personally, I see homesick as nothing more than the pain of leaving home. I left my country four years ago, and I must admit it…

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  • Giants Of The Earth Analysis

    in the United States, some immigrants cannot remove themselves from their old country. They experience homesickness and cannot prosper as a result. Mr. Shimerda embodies homesickness in My Ántonia. Mr. Shimerda’s inability to separate himself from Bohemia and embrace the prairie as an opportunity prevents him from prospering, and ultimately leads to his death. He never wanted to migrate to the United States in the first place; “‘He never want to come, nev-er!’ [Ántonia] burst out. ‘My mamenka…

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  • Cultural Adjustment Research

    Homesickness maybe the most common of such hindrances. All the interviewees showed evidence that they miss the cultures that they came from. A research by Karin Tochnov, Lisa Levine and Amritha Sanaka (2010) showed statistical evidence that international students from India had a very different experience of homesickness then the students from USA. The result of the study unsurprisingly showed that Indian students suffer from homesickness more than American students, but the paper also has some…

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