International Students Challenges

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The UK has been a popular destination for International students to opt for higher education, as a result 435,495 international students were enrolled in the academic year 2013-2014 (UK Council for International student Affairs [UKCISA], 2015).Leaving the home country for quality education could build a number of challenges. This essay will, therefore, address some of the challenges faced by International students in the UK and to provide solutions for it. There are many initial challenges a student encounter such as homesickness, language proficiency, social contact with home students, finance, adjusting the new culture, etc. This essay will discuss these aspects in detail and provide possible solutions.

Many students feel homesick during
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At first, one could find it difficult in communicating with others in the university whether it is the language or with the accent. Lacking the knowledge of language could lead to various inner problems such as anxiety, stress, confusion and misunderstanding which as a result create problems for their course (Erichsen and Bolliger, 2011).For example, Campbell and Li (2008) reported that Asian students struggle to make local friends in New Zealand. Hence, Proficiency in English language is important for academic success and universities should assist students in reaching their potential by making them practise English and taking part in …show more content…
Boafo-Arthur (2014) says for example, lack of funds could reflect on a student as it avoid to participate in other activities with peers. Students from poor countries finds it difficult to cope with the finance, for instance many African students face a big challenge to cover up the cost of their education (Blake, 2006; Marinage & Carter, 2007).Additionally, in their findings they report 91% students suffers from anxiety and are concerned on the payment of their fees. However, by the reports of NUS (2014), between the periods (2005-2007) more than 50% of the applications were considered for the Churches International Hardship Funds and were given to students from developing countries such as Africa. As a result, students could benefit from the scholarship provided by the Universities depending on their previous academics, their country could support the student on government based scholarships, else search for private companies to sponsor the

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