William Carlos Williams And Modernism In Short Stories

There seems to always be big important people in everything. For example, these people exist in sports, businesses, and even poetry. The American poet, William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), was one of the four major American poets or in other words, one of the big guys. Williams always loved literature; however, he went to medical school in hopes of becoming a physician. Despite his schooling, Williams still enjoyed writing. With his love of writing and physician degree, he really had a huge effect with the style, this author used. He actually had a major contribution for Modernism and Imagism (1890-1940) in poetry and short stories. Williams is one of the big guys because of his effect he had on poetry and on short stories just by writing with a new style. Williams wrote with Modernism and Imagism in a physician poetic way; his writing was a little rebellious at the time he wrote, but he talked about life and the audience and people were able to relate to his writing. The American poet, William Carlos Williams, wrote with Modernism and Imagism. He was born in a …show more content…
Williams is an American poet, however, scholars believed that his change in short stories happened to only be revolutionary. His short stories had a huge effect on contemporary fiction, but his poems effected modern poetry as well. “His temperament...was neatly split between that of a feeling, observing doctor and that of the practicing poet¨ (¨Williams Essay”). In other words, Williams was a “poet physician”. He loved to write using these terms to create a unique form of poetry. He confessed that sometimes he could not help himself, “I think writing is a disease. You can’t stop it” (Singh). This author loved to compare and use medical terms in his poetry and short stories and yet, he kept it simple enough that even the common man is able to understand his

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