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  • Her By Spike Jonze: Film Analysis

    Relationships are complicated. The film “Her”, directed by Spike Jonze, is a clear example of this. Throughout the film, Theodore Twombly is challenged by the decision of having a relationship with a digital lifeform. He struggles with his artificial companion, Samantha, wishing that she were real. Samantha faces many of her own challenges as well, one of them being that she is unable to have human interaction with Theodore. Although, technology helps Theodore to break out of his comfort zone, helping him build communication with others. In the articles “Is Technology destroying empathy?” (2015), “The Myth of the Disconnected Life” (2012), and “Disembodied, but, OH, what a voice” (2013), authors P.J. Manney, Jason Farman, and Manohla Dargis…

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  • Carl And Russell: The Meeting Of Unlikely Friends

    Carl and Russell’s personalities are very different, and this can be seen throughout the movie. In the movie review written by James Berardinelli, Carl is “a grumpy sort: set in his ways and not welcoming of strangers,” (Berardinelli). In the movie, Carl can be seen not wanting to receive help from the construction workers outside of his home and he also did not want help from Russell. In the review from the New York Times, Manohla Dargis writes, “Russell (Jordan Nagai), inadvertently hitches a…

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  • Les Miserable Analysis

    casting decisions, costuming, and videography, Tom Hooper provides a historically accurate fiction film, Les Miserable in order to entertain history gurus around the world. Tom Hooper and his staff cast Les Miserable to correctly portray the roles in which the actors were given. Although there are many characters in this film, I would like to discuss a woman named Fantine. Fantine, played by Anne Hathaway, is a young woman who was wrongly dismissed by her foreman. She had a daughter to care…

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  • Jimi All Is By Your Side Analysis

    saintly, or highlighted by virtue. As the typical biopics attempt to summarize a figure’s success in under two hours, it is difficult to get any true meaning of the musicians’ life. In contrast, John Ridley chooses to offer much greater insight into the struggles and journey of Hendrix as he rose towards success. Ridley’s unorthodox approach is deeply cherished as seen in reviews like “Jimi: All Is By Your Side,” as Christy Lemire admires the “risky approach” that Ridley takes as he chooses to…

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  • Loss Of Innocence In Richard Linklater's Boyhood

    see the effects numerous emotionally charged moments can have on a child. By using cinematic realism in Boyhood, Linklater creates a work depicting loss of innocence as each character matures. Setting out to record life on film, he captures each moment in the construction of a character wise beyond their years. Katy Steinmetz of Time Magazine describes Richard Linklater’s Boyhood as an “unprecedented project” and from ideation, to direction, to production, that statement has proven true. Thanks…

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  • Walt Disney Marketing Strategy

    it also can effective in backing up and constructing the wanted organizational culture. Measuring the HRM has the same level of importance as the planning phase. It is very noticeable that there are powerless HR practices that are being practiced which needs to be re-designed and re-strategized References: • "Definition of Disney, Walt in English". Oxford Dictionaries. Oxford University Press. Archived from the original on April 25, 2016. Retrieved April 12, 2016. •…

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