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  • Dow Chemical Company Case Study

    The Dow Chemical Company is one of the leading chemical company in the world. To adapt the new market environment and to bring the company to new heights, the Dow Chemical Company launched the “Dow of tomorrow” strategy in 2006. The strategy includes two parts – First part is pursuing an asset-light approach to its low-margin, but cash-rich, commodity businesses, this part was achieved by a joint venture with Petrochemical Industries Company; the second part is building high-growth and high-value-added performance businesses which plan to be achieved by purchases of Rohm and Haas. In the acquisition of the Rohm and Haas. Both companies were facing some risk. In the Dow’s side, because of the debts financing, ticking fee payment for delay of…

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  • Circulator Oil Engine Failure

    During the summer of 2013, I was employed by the Dow Chemical Company as a Maintenance and Reliability Engineer. I was located in Deer Park, Texas at their acrylates facility. My time there was only for the summer, which meant I was limited to thirteen weeks to complete my projects. The main project that I worked on while employed there was to install a filtration system for the circulator pumps. There are over sixty pumps throughout the site and they were all failing at different times due to…

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  • Australia's Worst Mine Disaster Analysis

    Australia’s worst mine disasters With a mining industry as large as Australia's it should come as no surprise that we have a vast history of accidents, varying in size. The worst mining disaster in the history of Australia occurred in 1902 at Mount Kembla mine and claimed the lives of 96 miners. The incident was the result of an explosion. 81 miners were killed in the 1887 gas explosion in the Bulli Mine. The loss of life left 150 children fatherless and around 50 women were suddenly…

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  • Union Carbide Disaster Essay

    constructed around or near densely populated places. It is such an alarming habit that many countries did not or does not learn from the past events, hence neglecting and allowing such plants to be established in reasonable places or miles away from the people. Based on the current system of constructing chemical as well as poisonous plants, it is most likely that the similar incidents would be caused by the human activities, such as underground digging of minerals, fight for settlement places,…

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  • The Effects Of Methyl Isocyanate Gas

    In 1984 on the night of the second of December the Bhopal plant emitted 42 tonnes of methyl isocyanate gas exposing to more than 500,000 people and killing around 5,000 people. The clean-up of this disaster was insufficient and people are still being affected by the leakage. Methyl isocyanate gas also known as MIC is a clear liquid used to make pesticides, when exposed to the gas it brings the same effects as tear gas. Some of the effects that people went through were swelling and burning of…

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  • Mc Mehta V. Union Of India Case Study

    the chlorine plant in sriram food fertilizers which adversely affected various employees of the organization as well as the nearby residents of the locality. On December 6, 1985 another minor oleum gas leakage took place from the joints of the pipe in the plant. The Delhi administration ordered sriram to stop the manufacturing of the hazardous gases and chemicals. 2. At this point, M.C. Mehta, a leading consumer activist filed a PIL requested the court to lay certain guidelines and norms for…

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  • Crandall Canyon Mine Case Study

    We can see that this is very clearly corporate crime due to the fact that it caused loss of multiple lives, and was very costly. We can also see that this crime was due to the capitalistic nature of the mining company, and the level of punishment was also beneficial for the capitalists in this situation. No one was imprisoned for this crime, and no individual came to see any direct punishment for the crime, simply a large fine. Looking from a conflict perspective we can see, that not directly…

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  • Broadening Union Carbide In Indi The Tragedy Of Bhopal India

    Bhopal India 1984 On the night of the 2nd of December 1984 tragedy struck in Bhopal, India killing an estimated 20,000 people. It began with a pesticide plant by Union Carbide. Union Carbide had diversified into India via Union Carbide India Limited. They had suspected that India was an enormous market that was yet to be tapped into and discovered. At the time UCC was one of the first companies to invest into India (Union Carbide Corporations). The plan was to sell their pesticide “Sevin” to…

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  • Overview Of The Great Smog Of 1952

    HISTORY: When a thick fog engulfed London from December 5 to December 9, 1952, it mixed with black smoke emitted from homes and factories to create deadly smog. This smog killed approximately 12,000 people and shocked the world into starting the environmental movement. Overview of the Great Smog of 1952: When a severe cold spell hit London in early December 1952, Londoners did what they usually did in such a situation; they burned more coal to heat up their homes. Then on December 5, 1952, a…

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  • Air Pollution Controversy

    The government already has the power to tax companies through the constitutional interstate commerce clause, so a push to tax these industries harder to clean the environment might not require such wholesale changes. Taxing industries creates incentives to find cleaner energies, like the cap-and-trade system. Instead, more focus should be placed on the energies that do not have so many negative externalities. States like Florida that outlaw solar energy leasing should change their policies in…

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