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  • Comparing Lebron James And Nike's Advertisements

    Both of the advertisements relate to LeBron James and his basketball career, while tying in the use of Nike products. Additionally, both advertisements portray LeBron James and others around him wearing the Nike brand in different environments. Even though the advertisements both involve diverse communities, a sense of togetherness, and comfortable shoes, analyzing them from the beginning to the end shows how each displays a difference in how the content of each is received. In the first advertisement, it starts off with a group of young people coming to meet LeBron at his house for a bike ride to start off the day in a productive way. As the crowd of people bike behind LeBron through downtown Miami, their following continues to grow. The music being played while the crowd bikes through downtown is very upbeat, bringing a fun and feel good vibe to the day. Throughout the entire advertisement, LeBron is in the front and leading the pack. During their workout they bike through the middle of a parade, but the people from the parade ended up joining the rest of the crowd. Then about halfway through the advertisement, the group workout stops at a basketball court for LeBron. Once inside, he takes a few private moments with himself to play around and practice some basketball. While he goes through his normal practice routine, the focus is specifically on his basketball shoes. The first time in the advertisement, we finally see what Nike is trying to sell. Before this, you can see…

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  • Pearl Cup Swot Analysis Paper

    additional 50 cents. Most of the other products hover between $3-$4. This locally-owned coffee shop compensates for its high price through the exemplification of excellent service, selling of signature products, as well as a versatile homely atmosphere conducive to either studying or relaxation. Place The Pearl Cup currently has two locations: II Creeks Plaza and Dallas Arts District. The II Creeks Plaza is about five minutes from the University of Texas at Dallas. This is a great location for…

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  • American Airlines Arena Case Study

    peaceful, the “Black Bloc” group, known for violent protests and the use of dangerous and deadly weapons are expected. Additionally, FIU student James Jones is known to have sympathy with Hamas. He was recently arrested and found in possession of pipe bombs and other bomb making material. He is currently free, and likely to be present at this event. The likelihood of some form of violence at Bicentennial Park is high, although the consequences are moderate, as any attack from this vantage…

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  • Urban Observation Report

    city. Notably, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit System has a vast range of services that keeps various parts of the city connected. For the purpose of the following field project, I chose to observe the Blue Line light rail system. The Blue Line system starts at 7th Street/Metro Center, which is the regional connector to other metro systems (Red Line, Purple, Expo, and Silver Line) and ends at Downtown Long Beach. The Blue Line is a 22.0-mile light rail line operating north-south between…

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  • The Salvation Army And The Salvation Army

    only help the homeless hungry and sick. But also helps people just in need of the help desperately, for example Saira’s story. Saira’s story is not unusual. Fleeing a relationship that left her hurting and infected with HIV, she needed to start over somewhere safe. She came to Los Angeles with her kids and found The Salvation Army’s Alegria. She’s received support from the caring and loving staff in a judgement-free environment where her diagnosis is well-understood. In the mid 1990s, The…

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  • How Did Little Tokyo Influence Japanese American Culture

    Little Tokyo: a relatively small 67 acres of land, rich with cultural and social history, a hotspot for tourists and Los Angeles natives alike, a landmark of Japanese American society right in the center of downtown Los Angeles. With its roots tracing as far back as the 1880’s, even to this day it continues to bring in and entertain tourists daily, with its small town charm and many interesting and exciting attractions. Little Tokyo serves as a hub for Japanese culture and tradition, new and…

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  • The Importance Of Community Of Practice

    To share, for example, I’ve had a significant event that has helped me identify myself as an expert within my community of practice. It started off one Christmas performance at the California Theatre, downtown San Bernardino. My instructor suggested for the whole mariachi group to go rehearse at this specific theater at a certain time before the performance. He approached us saying “I want you all there for practice, Saturday morning at 10a.m, no excuses!” So it was done as said. I went to…

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  • Schizophrenia Case Interview Paper

    and Childhood Nathaniel was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. Growing up Nathaniel attend private classes to learn how to play his first instrument, that was the cello he was a fanatic of Beethoven music. Nathanial was a child prodigy he was very dedicated and passionate about playing the cello. As a child he did not play baseball or football as the rest of the children his age would. Instead he was so dedicated and passionate about music that it was the only thing he did. Nathanel was always…

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  • Disneyland Half Marathon Research Paper

    It is time to take a deep breath, look towards a goal and starting running! From August 29th through August 31st, Disney will be hosting the huge Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. Everyone is invited to take part in the variety of events and even those who are not actively participating this weekend can cheer the participants on! This is a popular event as according to Karla Bruning of the webiste runkarlarun, "Last year, 15,872 runners finished the Disneyland Half Marathon and another 7,839…

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  • Modern Architecture In Los Angeles

    us a time, a style, and a story that speak an abundant amount of the downtown Los Angeles community. Los Angeles played a key role in modernism’s development and influences. Modernism in downtown Los Angeles moved the communities into a new nontraditional style. As we explore the buildings of Los Angeles we see how…

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