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  • Dowry On Indian Culture

    Dowry is a word most people are familiar with, even in Western culture. However, being aware of the word doesn’t mean we understand it. Especially since the definition of dowry has changed over time. After analyzing novels, films, and articles we went over in class I have a completely different view on dowry and how it impacts Indian culture. Dowry is where property or money is brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage. In Nectar in a Sieve dowry is a problem for Ruku because her family is poor she has to marry beneath her. A larger dowry is thought to secure a better husband and allow the bride to have better treatment when she leaves her natal home. Which is why Ruku does her best to save for her daughter’s dowry. In the film…

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  • Dowry Death Analysis

    “Rising Number of Dowry Deaths in India” emphasizes issues of domestic violence in India. The phrase “bride burning” and “dowry death” evokes up images of a harsh husband and his family members mocking and distressing the young woman for money and finally drenching a young woman in kerosene, tossing a lighted matchstick on her and rejoicing as the unfortunate woman goes up in flames. In “Rising Number of Dowry Deaths,” Amanda Hitchcock explains that most brides are murdered because their…

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  • Gendercide Of Women

    If the groom’s family is not happy with the dowry payments, women become at risk for physical abuse and murder. According to the Indian National Crime Record Bureau, India has the highest rate of dowry murders (2013). This report gives the horrifying statistics which follows: 18,233 dowry death cases were reported which means that a bride was burned or attacked every 90 minutes due to dowry greed. Dowry murder refers to the greed of the groom’s family. When more money is demanded and the bride’s…

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  • Dislocating Culture Summary

    then affected by border crossings across national boundaries” and how culture is invoked in explaining the forms of violence that stem from these issues (p.213). She explains this phenomenon by focusing on dowry murder in India. Dowry murder has caused a large outcry and shock, even on the part of the author. But there is a certain shock that arises from western…

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  • Importance Of Dowry System

    One of the worst evils of Indian Society is the Dowry System. The word 'Dowry' means the property and money that a bride brings to her husband's house at the time of her marriage. It is a custom that is prevalent in all the sections of our society in one form or the other. In ancient India daughters had no rights of inheritance to their family's wealth. In order to ensure financial security to their daughter’s parents gave expensive moveable property like gold, diamond, jewellery, silver…

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  • Dowry System In South Asian Society

    The bride service outlines a program where the groom can earn his bride by working for her family for a set period of time. In modern times, however, the dowry may be paying for the wedding or the exchanging of a hope chest (O 'Neil, 2010). Other places around the globe are abusing this dowry system. For example, the continuous use of the dowry system in South Asian societies reinforces the idea that women are less superior to men. The inability to pay a dowry in those countries today can result…

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  • Root Cause Analysis: Female Infanticide

    A root cause analysis would be utilized to assist in identifying What, Why and how, female infanticide occurs in India. The root cause analysis technique encompasses asking Five Why’s (D. Riley, personal communication, November 20, 2014). Asking the Five Why’s is important to get to the root of the problem. Why does female infanticide occur in India? Female infanticide occurs in India because female children are perceived as financial burdens. Why are female children perceived as burdens? Female…

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  • Nirupama's Mother Cannot Pay The Full Dowry Short Story

    Not just her parents-in-law that are mean, even the maids in the house look down on her and all of these happen only because Nirupama’s father who cannot pay the full dowry. It is indeed a sad situation because nobody should ever be treated in such a disrespectful way. Of course, marriage life has its ups and downs, bittersweet moments in it, but Nirupama has never gotten the chance to taste the sweetness of her marriage until her last day on earth because of the unjust and unreasonable dowry…

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  • Bride Burning In India

    Bride burning is exactly what it sounds like, and it is not just a problem of past. Bride burning is occurs in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other surrounding countries; despite laws being in place to prevent it. India is where most cases are documented, but because of stigma many are reported as accidental deaths or suicides and are not accounted for in statistics. Bride burning has occurred throughout history, caused by disputes over dowry, and ends with the newlywed woman burned alive.…

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  • Effects Of Violence Towards Women Essay

    The definition of dowry, is the amount of money or expensive things such as gold jewelry, cars, furniture, etc that are given to the groom by the bride’s family during their time of marriage. Not all grooms have the demand for dowry, this has to do with the personality of the groom himself, marked by a demanding and often unethical desire for possession of material things. If the groom demands for dowry, the bride’s family must give a dowry or the marriage will not take place. The practice of…

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