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  • Case Study: OTC Sleep Aids

    1. The title of the study I used is OTC Sleep Aids. It was published in February 2015 2. Our group project is a drink that aids with sleeping. The way it works is that it helps people calm down right before bed. It achieves this by putting its users in a cognitive state where they are in a peaceful place. Some examples of these are a beach, waterfall or a forest. Each flavor of the drink puts the consumer in one of these psychological realities. The drink is non-addictive and natural. 3. The reason why I chose this report is because it revolved around our product concept. It provided information that is valuable to determine our marketing strategy. The report brought up three major issues our group must address. One of these is how to get more consumers to use sleep aids while decreasing health concerns. Additionally, it provided insight on our target market of college students (the study focuses on the age group of 18 to 34-year-olds). 4. The research methodology used was consumer report. This provides research on factors that influence people’s behaviors. This was demonstrated through statistics on certain age groups and how they feel about over-the-counter (OTC) sleep aids as well as other methods people used to improve sleep. 5. There three insights were mentioned in the report. They are as follows: • The age group of 18-34 is the most likely to have sleeping issues and willing to use a sleeping aid. The goal of the study was to figure out different ways to attract…

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  • Heath Ledger Case Study

    Heath Ledger died at the age of 28 in the year of 2008 because of the combination of six prescription drugs. (Drug abuse, 2017) Drugs such as Cocaine and heroin were frequently used by Heath. According to Peta Hellard, Heath Ledger died from an acute intoxication from the combined of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam, and doxylamine. These drugs are a combination of painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs, and sleeping drugs. This particular blend of drugs can cause the brain to…

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  • Heath Ledger's Ten Things I Hate About You

    Heath Ledger was born in Australia and at a young age his parents divorced, to help cope with this he found an emotional release in acting (Biography Editors, n.d.). At age 16 Ledger decided to pursue a career in acting landing small roles in television until 1999 when he starred in his breakout role, which was Ten Things I Hate About You (Biography Editors, n.d.). Soon after this role Ledger began being subjective to the roles his took because he didn’t want to repeat the same role (Lifetime,…

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  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum: A Case Study

    queasy or nauseated (“Hyperemesis”, 2010). o Drink fluids 15 to 30 minutes after eating. Taking sips of clear liquids such as “clear fruit juices (apple, pear, white grape), weak tea, soft drinks like Sprite, 7-UP or ginger ale, and broth. Try low sugar or no sugar type drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade Zero” (“Hyperemesis”, 2010, p. 2). o “Eat foods that are easy to digest such as toast, bread, crackers, bagels, or dry Cheerios. Also, try gluten-free cereal options, such as Rice Chex”…

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  • Vicks Nyquil Marketing Strategy

    decrease based on many different factors. Vicks Nyquil is a medicine designed to relieve you of Flu and cold symptoms. Vicks also make many other products for cold and flu relief, but the focus on the project is just around their product Nyquil. Nyquil came out in 1966, Vicks Nyquil medication is an over the counter medicine, which means that it, does not need a prescription to obtain. Vicks is owned by their parent company, Proctor and Gamble. The company was introduced in 1890. The purpose is…

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  • Andrew Ledger

    was reported that Williams drive Ledger to Promises Treatment Center to receive help for substance abuse (McShane, 2008). Numerous sources stated he had a history of illegal drug and alcohol use. However, in an interview for the movie Candy, he stated that he had an addiction to the nicotine in cigarettes and in another interview he smoked cannabis once. Williams and Ledger broke up in late 2007. Williams brought Matilda with her while filming in Europe, which made the actor more anxious…

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  • Insomnia Research Papers

    centers is necessary for the effective treatment of insomnia. Figure 1 represents insomnia, 2outlines CBTI, and figure 3 successful sleep. Many treatments for insomnia are available below is a list of a few such as: • Massage therapy and ear acupuncture (Rodriquez-Mansilla, 2014) • SHUTi program (SMI, 2010) • Home based music therapy (HBMT) (Schmid, & Ostermann, 2010) • Regular exercise and healthy eating program • Environmental changes to the bedroom (for e.g. temperature, lighting, TV off,…

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  • Public Health And Disease Essay

    Medicines Policy (ANMP). One important component of the ANMP is Quality Use of Medicines (QUM). i) What are the other components of the ANMP? (1.5 marks) • Timely access to medicine that Australian’s need, at a cost individuals and the community can afford • Maintaining a responsible and viable medicines industry • Providing medicines that meet appropriate standards of quality, safety and efficacy ii) Jim has insomnia. He has difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep most nights of the…

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