Client Teaching Case Study

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Client Education: Hyperemesis Gravidarum
Twenty-six year old, first trimester patient presents to the emergency department complaining of intermittent vomiting that began four weeks ago. She was 12 weeks pregnant and she feels very weak and complains of a headache. This patient also reports having pain rated six out of ten in her upper abdomen from vomiting. The environment consists of a brightly lit room with two student nurses in care of the patient while the patient is lying in bed. The client’s husband is present at the bedside, while holding the client’s hand.
This client’s typical learning style can be identified to be in line with the attributes of Generation Y as “learning is expected to be fun, with immediate feedback expected” (Blevins,
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They seemed very attentive and made full eye-contact to the handout during the teaching session, which suggests that they were actively following along. The material did not seem to be too complex for the client, as her knowledge was assessed occasionally throughout the teaching presentation as well as at the very end of the presentation. The environment of the room was quiet, clean, and brightly lit. The teaching occurred 30 minutes after the administration of the antiemetic medication via intravenous push. Since the medication decreased the client’s nausea, the timing of the teaching allowed the client to focus on the teaching information instead of her abdominal discomfort. After the end of the teaching session, the client was able to verbalize proper dietary changes to control nausea before discharge, she verbalized at least three over-the-counter medicines and vitamins to help with nausea and vomiting before discharge, patient also verbalized signs of hyperemesis gravidarum that require her to notify her doctor before discharge. After evaluating the client’s knowledge on hyperemesis gravidarum, the client has met all of the teaching objectives before her

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