Prescription Label Essay

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How to Read a Prescription Label Teaching Project
As a nurse teaching is a part of everyday life. Learning to teach properly is essential. Clients, residents and patients alike all learn and receive information a little differently. Having skills and ways of covering these different ways of learning can decrease risks for more serious problems later. The overall outcome for the presentation and paper are the middle and late adults having the ability to correctly understand, use and benefit from the information on a prescription label. This knowledge is a health need for this population and may decrease risks for other complications. This need ties into Healthy People 2020 goals, web of causality and Erickson’s stages of development of middle
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The health need addressed is to ensure the safe use of medical products (Healthy 2020). In detail our target population for this presentation have shown some adherence issues when it comes to taking medications correctly. Granted there are many factors to this, like having multiple doctors who don’t communicate with each other, change in drug regimen, change in dosages and medications and going to multiple pharmacies etc.
“A study of elderly patients 2 days after hospital discharge found 64 percent were taking at least one medication that was not ordered, 73 percent failed to use at least one medication according to instructions, and 32 percent were not taking all drugs ordered at discharge” (Marek,2008). If teaching the person how to read a prescription label, how to ask proper questions regarding medications and just be aware of their health in general, advocating for themselves this may reduce some risk in medication errors and adverse reactions. This health need applies to wellness in such
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The web of causation framework refers an interrelationship of multiple factors that contribute to an occurrence (Berman, 2012). The web of causation supports the importance of medication label knowledge within the elderly population, because medication misuse is such a problem and contributes to many risk factors with this populations with different factors that is also unique to each person. Having multiple providers, change in medication regimen, change in dosage, change in directions, placing old pills in new prescription bottle, having no more refills, forgetting, no transportation to get to doctor or pharmacy, lack of insurance or funds to go to doctor visits or get medications can all contribute to a person not taking a medication

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