Morning sickness

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  • Grunenthal Group: The Thalidomide Tragedy

    Thalidomide was first sold in 1957,as a tranquilizer, in Western Germany (“Thalidomide”). From the very beginning, Thalidomide was popular with the public. Doctors claimed that Thalidomide was” completely safe””even during pregnancy” ,and said that they “could not find a dose high enough to kill a rat” (“Helix Magazine”). Thalidomide was also labeled as a sleeping pill, and as they were quite popular in the sixties it sold at an alarming rate as they made people peaceable and drowsy. The trouble started when Dr.William McBribe, an Australian obstetrician, prescribed it for the off-label purpose of helping diminish morning sickness in women even though no pregnancy tests had been done on the medicine. As that was not mandatory at the time.(“Helix Magazine”). Before long, many women rejoiced over the finding of this miracle medicine that seemingly cured morning sickness. It appeared that Thalidomide was a wonder medicine, surely it was too good to be true. And, perhaps it was. But, an epidemic cannot go unnoticed for long. By 1960, people began to grow wary of Thalidomide’s promise . For between 1957 and 1962, more than ten thousand children would be born with phenomenal disabilities (“Science Museum. Brought to Life: Exploring the History of Medicine.”). Thousands of children were born with shortened, flipper-like arms and legs, or none at all (“Helix Magazine”). Depending on how soon and how long the medicine was taken by the mother during pregnancy, the child’s…

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  • Thhalidomide Research Paper Solution

    One might wake up one morning experiencing morning sickness. She believes it is a common problem while being pregnant. She goes to get the medication Thalidomide from the medicine cabinet, not thinking anything about it. But what the drug company did not tell you was if you are a pregnant woman and you take the medication Thalidomide, your baby may experience some severe problems. The drug Thalidomide was produced during the 1950s through the 1960s. It was used for women who was experiencing…

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  • Ginger Case Study

    Nhat Duong Does Ginger have an effect in relieving nausea and vomiting during pregnancy? A natural root of a plant called Ginger (Zingiber officinale) belongs to a Zingiberaceae family including cardamom and turmeric that are mostly cultivated in tropical areas.1(p373) The primary component of ginger called gingerol comes from the root of the plant and its spicy aroma mainly due to the present of ketones called gingerols.1(p132,),2 Ginger is widely consumed in diet as a flavor in cooking and…

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  • Hyperemesis Gravidarum: A Case Study

    to avoid feeling queasy or nauseated (“Hyperemesis”, 2010). o Drink fluids 15 to 30 minutes after eating. Taking sips of clear liquids such as “clear fruit juices (apple, pear, white grape), weak tea, soft drinks like Sprite, 7-UP or ginger ale, and broth. Try low sugar or no sugar type drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade Zero” (“Hyperemesis”, 2010, p. 2). o “Eat foods that are easy to digest such as toast, bread, crackers, bagels, or dry Cheerios. Also, try gluten-free cereal options, such as…

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  • Personal Narrative: Morning Sickness

    After eight and a half long months of morning sickness, more like all day sickness, hefty weight gain, numerous doctor appointments, eating like a sumo wrestler, and back pain that kept me up throughout the night, I thought that I could finally rest these last two weeks. Boy did I think wrong! Sleeping peacefully September 27 in my new cherry oak bed with the ceiling fan wide open, I suddenly jolted up feeling an excruciating pain radiate all in my stomach and back. I knew then that it was time…

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  • Kyle Baker Research Paper

    Short Life, Lasting Impact “Some kids wish to be a cowboy, to be a princess, to be a chef, or a farmer, while other kids wish for a cure so they can grow up (Joe Wasser)”. Kyle Baker was one of the kids with the wish for a cure to demolish the sickness that ended up taking his life. Just a boy from Searcy, Arkansas who had to take on the world to overcome low survival rates of Pleomorphic Sarcoma, the monster that hid below where anyone could see. It was finalized that CIC-DUX4 Positive Round…

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  • Hospital Room 206

    full life and grow to a ripe old age, this was not the case. The impenetrable fortress, my superhero, my uncle would be brought to his knees by a mere sickness. This sickness came like a thief in the night, no one was prepared for it, and I feel that is what made it all the more devastating. On March 29, 2011 I received a phone call, one phone call was all it took to flip my entire world upside down. Within a mere hour I found myself rushing to the hospital with my parents; Never in my life had…

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  • The Benefits Of Encephalitis

    Encephalitis has many other side effects that range from minor headaches all the way to seizures. Unfortunately for Chris, he acquired the worst reaction and came out of the sickness with severe…

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  • The Importance Of Environment In Make Lemonade

    which is causing her to fumble some really important pieces of her own life. The environment says to LaVaughn about how much she is going to help Jolly. LaVaughn is the glue that Jolly needs in her house because she has been using items that rot away and leave but LaVaughn is the proper glue that Jolly needs to keep her life in check. The environment is shaping the way the each of the characters act because of this some of LaVaughn’s friends are worried about how it will shape LaVaughn. ““Those…

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  • What Is A Visit To God Essay

    visiting was for the religious purpose, I felt the fun in it. Journey started on the cold morning. We packed our bag for a week long journey. For a group of people, a car was reserved. Walking for a straight one day was long breathe taking process. One who have never walked the steep hills doesn’t dare to walk. We had a visit to a place where there is a range of Himalayas after the hills. Bathing in the early morning in a freezing temperature before visiting a temple was…

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