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  • Miscarriages Of Abortion

    The loss of a child is not comprehensible; however, many families experience child loss due to spontaneous abortions. Kjaesgaard et al. (2013) defined spontaneous abortion as a miscarriage occurring within the first 22 weeks of gestation, the time between a mother’s last menstrual cycle and birth. They also asserted that spontaneous abortions occur in approximately one out of four women (p. 1). Miscarriages are considered recurrent when women experienced more than three spontaneous abortions. Mothers usually experienced extraordinary pain and depression following a spontaneous abortion. Although spontaneous abortions have occurred for many years, doctors and researchers question the primary cause of miscarriages. Bashour and Salam (2001) asserted that psychological stress was the primary cause of spontaneous abortion…

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  • Miscarriage Essay

    According to the medical clinic, “a miscarriage is a spontaneous loss of pregnancy before the twentieth week”. Almost ten to twenty percent of pregnancies result in a miscarriage. Anxiety and depression are common side effects of miscarriage, and especially if the woman has lost more than one child to a miscarriage. Many miscarriages have led to post-partum depression in women. While multiple miscarriages can cause post-partum depression, there is no increased risk for women who have a history…

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  • Miscarriage Of Justice Case Study

    individual not being committed of a crime they did commit. There are a number of reasons which have led to miscarriages of justice including police corruption, unreliable forensic evidence, mis-identification of the accused and unreliable witness statements. An example of a grave miscarriage of justice is the case of R v Stefan Ivan Kiszko [1978] 68 CrAppR 62. Kiszko was jailed for 16 years for murder and sexual assault. A crime he did not commit and as evidence later demonstrated a crime he was…

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  • Essay On The Effects Of Abortion On Mothers

    abortion or not. But it all comes down to the same question, do you take the baby’s life to better your own? Types of Abortion Before getting any abortion the woman should get the opportunity to talk about her situation. It is always important to be able to talk about what she is thinking of doing and why. It is very important that you have an ultrasound in order to confirm how many weeks you are into the pregnancy. You should also get a screening done to examine the woman. (Abortion- how it…

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  • The Miscarriage Of Justice

    Introduction A miscarriage of justice can have devastating consequences for a person. People who committed crimes must need to be arrested, but some people are not involve in the crimes and those people are so-called innocence. For the people who are charged as criminals, they will suffer from a punishment which is imprisonment or the imposition of fine. If the crimes are defined as serious, the punishments may execute both to the criminals. According to these situations, it is difficult to…

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  • Different Types Of Abortion

    “spontaneous abortion”, often known as miscarriage (Lowen). There’s no doubt that there are many ways for a woman to terminate a pregnancy, but the question in everyone’s minds is, “Should this even be legal?” The abortion debate has been going on for quite some time now. Federal action began taking place when the Roe v. Wade lawsuit began in 1970, when a woman wanted to have an abortion in Texas, where it was illegal at the time. Afterwards, she later decided…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Prenatal Genetic Testing

    Genetic tests are never very accurate and can ¨greatly [increase] anxiety from a positive result, [and] false reassurance from a negative result¨ (Press 74). Why go through genetic testing and have to face the possibility of a miscarriage when the results are not guaranteed to be accurate? The risks of genetic testing to the unborn child and even to the mother is not greater than the gain that can come from the results. Genetic testing is still relatively new with the first time it ¨changed…

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  • Classification Essay On Abortion

    These types of abortions are unexpected and commonly known as a miscarriage. It is very uncommon to have a miscarriage after the 20th week of pregnancy, that’s why more than 80% of spontaneous abortion occur within the first three months of pregnancy. There are different causes that can lead to this unfortunate situation, especially if the mother was hoping to carry the fetus to full term. For example, infections, hormone problems, immune system response, a mother’s health or physical condition…

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  • Summary: The Effects Of Age At Childbirth

    practical sense, and lastly, it is better personally and professionally (Mathiessen, 2014). All of the pros listed are really important and will help ensure a life of less stress and plenty of fun for the family, but there are also cons. These cons originate from the many studies that have been conducted in hopes of understanding the biological concerns that can come with having children at an older age. As women begin to age their rate of miscarriage increases along with the chances of having…

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  • Unsafe Miscarriage Essay

    ABSTRACT OBJECTIVE: To study the pattern of clinical presentation in patients with unsafe miscarriage. STUDY DESIGN: Case series descriptive study. SETTING: Place and duration of study department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Military Hospital Rawalpindi. DURATION OF STUDY: Study was carried out over a period of one year from 10.04.2016 to 09.04.2017. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Thirty patients were included in this study after approval of the ethical committe. Detailed clinical assessment of the…

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