Essay On The Effects Of Abortion On Mothers

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The Effects of Abortion on Mothers
There are many arguments on abortion. No one ever states the facts and explains in detail how and what goes on during an abortion. How is the body of a woman changed? What does she feels like after having an abortion? Studies have shown that there is not only a physical effect on mothers but there is also an emotional effect on mothers that can be very detrimental to her everyday life. Some of these mothers experience things like self hatred, severe depression, unresolving guilt, and even suicidal tendencies.

What is Abortion? Abortion is when you go to a clinic wanting to take the child growing inside of you out. The deliberate termination of the pregnancy. You do this with or without the consent of the father. In some cases, it is done because of the father. Many people also get abortions because they are scared. They fear their lives will dramastically change. They fear the thoughts of others. They even fear that the father of the child will leave them, if they do not terminate the child’s life. So, out of all the fear these women go out to make this drastic change to their bodies. So, how long has abortion really been around?

The History of Abortion in America Abortion in the United States has always been a huge public debate. It is such a big topic that in fear of people finding
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Her affect is blunted and she feels numb. She may become promiscuous as a result of her terribly low self-esteem. When she is in this state she may enter a cycle of multiple pregnancies and repeated abortions. Typically, the mother 's relationship with the father of the child ends abruptly because he cannot accept her in the distraught state or because they see themselves as the accomplices in bringing about the death of the child. Regular recurring events such as christmas, the day of the abortion and so on may trigger an overwhelming torrent of grief, guilt, and remorse. (Angelo,

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