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  • Criminal Justice Process Paper

    “A felony is the most serious type of crime, and an individual convicted of a felony may be sentenced to state prison under certain circumstances”. (2NDPAGE). People who are not sentenced to state prison may be sent to county jail or being supervised by the county probation department in some cases they serve both. There are codes that classifies felonies as violent or serious. These felonies consist of robbery, burglary of a home, assault with the intentions to commit robbery, murder, and rape. A misdemeanor is a less serious offence, the offender can be sentenced to jail, a fine, or probation. An infraction is the least serious offense which is usually punish by a fine. “California criminal justice system can be thought of having four stages”. (2NDPAGE). These four stages are the crime, arrest, prosecution, and corrections. When sentencing the offender, it all depends on the current crime as well as the offender’s crime history and the decision of the…

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  • The Positive And Complications Of The Broken Window Theory

    Introduction: “Broken Window Theory” states that if a broken window is not quickly repaired, other windows will break creating a sense of public apathy and neglect that attracts criminals. To begin with, “Broken Window theory” has mix viewed. I believe that this theory has its positive and negative side as well. The “broken window theory was a good crime fighting strategy that made people feel a little safer and was able to respect their fellow officers on foot rather than their patrol cars.…

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  • American Social Classes

    public, fighting, destruction of property, blocking traffic and theft. Aliens are immigrant’s that are vulnerable to police judgement because they live in areas that has a higher police presence. They tend to hang out on the streets more frequently and also engage in drinking and fighting in public. Gays are seen as a sub-class and subject to police arrest because of their promiscuous sexual behavior and drug possession. Finally Square Johns are more serious type of crimes like forgery, grand…

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  • Proposition 47: Implementing Prostitution

    Proposition 47 is a ballot initiative which was passed by voters in the state of California on November 4, 2014. The Proposition will reduce certain drug possession felonies to misdemeanors but will not allow any offender to be instantly released. An offender must petition the court for resentencing by November 4, 2017, however not all offenders are eligible. The official website for the State of California details that those who “have previous convictions for sex offences including rape, child…

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  • Offender Vs Prosecutor

    person who violates this section is subject to an imprisonment that does not exceed 20 years. Maryland vehicle laws prohibit eluding a police officer by either running, failure to stop the vehicle or any means when a police officer issues a visual and audible stop sign (Md. Code [Trans.] § 21-904 (b)). Any offender found in violation of the provisions of the vehicle laws in place is eligible for the conviction for a misdemeanor unless it is declared a felony by any statutes in the provision…

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  • Essay: Why Felonies Should Be Charged As Adults

    Felony crimes are those crimes that are more serious than misdemeanors and generally carry fines, jail time, and probation conviction penalties because of where they live at and it can affect them and on most teens. Teen felony crimes are prosecuted differently than adult crimes in some ways. It is also possible for a teen felony suspect to be tried as an adult in the eyes of the law but teen do not know any better. The changing composition of the population and other social forces such as…

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  • Case Study: Belanger Vs Swift Transportation

    place to set the standard of the governing body and provides order to the general public as a whole. Many times people misinterpret the law and believe that many times the law is unfair to a certain group of people in theory. Although true in a sense we as American must abide by the law in spite of our feeling towards the laws presented. A great example is we can take all the criminal offenses in today’s society fall under one of these categories. Misdemeanors are defined as a misdeed, minor…

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  • Teenagers Should Be Tried As Adults Essay

    crime. When a minor is punished at the adult level, it is the only way that they will ever take the law seriously. In today’s world, youth seem to be maturing younger and younger. To go along with early maturing children, it seems as though less and less parents follow through with their punishments, indirectly teaching the juveniles that they can get away with many things. The need to know that, “if you do an adult crime, you do adult time” (Estudillo 1). As for Roksana Sikorski, she was…

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  • The Benefits Of Proposition 47: Pros And Cons

    being charged with felonies, they get a misdemeanor. For the offender, a misdemeanor is less damaging than a felony conviction, increasing the person 's chances of acquiring gainful employment, enter college and qualify for financial aid, get approval for housing, etc.” Do you expect to see any benefits from Proposition 57? “While it 's too early to tell how many offenders will actually benefit from Proposition 57 we are hopeful that inmates will take advantage of the opportunities to reduce…

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  • Essay On Probation Violation

    The first lady that we watched take the stand was being seen because of a probation violation. The women had been placed on probation for unable to practice safely by reason of alcohol or other substance abuse. Ms. Owens was reported by a co-worker to have a slurred speech, was confusing co-workers’ names, appeared disoriented, and staggered while walking. The DON was called and came into the facility where Ms. Owens was working to observe her and then requested she submit a drug test where at…

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