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  • Harry Potter Alternate Ending

    It was such an intense glare that the blond boy actually paled and stepped back, but then he recovered and quickly turned around, trying to find a new target. His eyes rested on Harry. "Well, the rumours are true. Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts," He stalked forward, ignoring the whispers in response to Harry's name. He motioned to the two boys on either side of him," This is Crabbe, and this is Goyle. And I'm Malfoy. Draco Malfoy." Before Harry could respond, Ron let out a snigger at Malfoy's name. Draco turned to glare," Think my name's funny, do you?" He turned back to Harry," You'll soon find out that some wizarding families are better than others. You don't want to go around making friends with the wrong ones. I can help you there." He offered Harry his hand, grey eyes boring into his green ones. His contempt for Ron was obvious, and Harry felt a sudden rush of anger. He wanted to protect his first ever friend. "I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thank you," He answered, injecting as much ice into his voice as…

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  • The Sorcerer's Stone

    Harry and all of his friends become members of the Griffindor house. Of course Draco Malfoy became a member of the Slytherin house and he swaggered forward when his name was called. Harry saw a terrible ghost as the Slytherin table that had a gaunt face and blood-stained robes. Harry’s professors were Professor Filtwick, Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, a black haired man with sallow skin, Professor Quirrell and Dumbledore. Harry received a new broomstick, a Nimbus Two…

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  • What Is The Death Of Harry Potter Essay

    comes by with an invitation letter from Hagrid to drink tea. Harry takes Ron with him into Hagrids shack to have tea, they were concerned by his look on his face but discovered he was gentle. Hagrid told Harry that professor Snape has no reason to hate him and that money has been stolen the same day Harry was with Hagrid and both went to Gringotts. Harry remembers when Hagrid opens the vault and took seven hundred and thirteen dollars. Harry leaves Hagrid with full of questions. Harry gets…

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  • Roonil Wazlib: A Short Story

    Without awaiting an answer, she grabbed her wand, extinguished the light, and tapped it against the book. An exact copy appeared with a quiet pop and an excess of sparks. Whoever invented that Charm had a good sense of humour. There was another rustle from somewhere in the room. “Lumos.” The wand flew out of her hand again and floated in mid-air, illuminating both books and nothing else. Shaking her head, she returned to the books. No matter how many fearsome adventures she had faced, nothing…

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  • Comparing Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone

    Differences can also be spotted during the scene at the zoo. In the book, Dudley brought his friend, Piers, to the zoo for his birthday. In the movie, only the Dursley’s and Harry Potter went to the zoo. During this scene, Dudley pushed Harry down when he saw the snake talking to Harry. Then he pressed his face against the window and suddenly the glass broke which resulted in Dudley to fall into the water and the snake came out thanking Harry. In addition, another difference that can be seen…

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  • Moon Observation

    more lower and spread out in front of my face. The Little Dipper was harder to see and not too much farther but I had to look harder to see it. November first week Grus was observed. Gras filled the top upper right side then Sculptor was observed. In the middle of November Sculptors and Phoenix this part of night the moon was up half of the day. The earths orbits once a month. Aldebaran was disappear behind moon side then it reappear at it dark side. That was an observation that was really new…

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  • Habeas Corpus Poetry Analysis

    I have chosen to conduct on Jill McDonough’s Habeas Corpus book of sonnets. This book widely and deeply talks about the execution of several people through history and adds on how there punishments were determined. The writer Jill McDonough beautifully put historical events in a book in the forms of poems that had clear questions. These poems strongly insist and stand on the aspect of the individuals being executed due to what they stood for. This was created to ensure the reason of their death…

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  • The Controversy Of Draco Malfoy's Sketch

    King’s Cross Station, Draco Malfoy spotted Harry Potter walking pass him at the train platform. In advance to scare Harry, Mr. Malfoy picked up a rock and prepares to throw it at him. When the rock flew past Harry’s face, it bounced off the walls and stroked Harry at the back of his head. Thus, cutting Potter’s head and causing him to require stitches for the cut. Now, based on the information given, I do believe Draco is guilty of assault. I was given the facts, and it clearly proves that Mr.…

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  • Bloods In The Wizard World

    for the less wealthier are either in middle class or the lower class. Now this was very unfair considering some wizards that were in the “lower class” were actually really good like Hermione Granger. Yet they always had someone that thought they shouldn't even be allowed in the wizard world like Draco Malfoy who couldn't stand that Hermione was in the same school as him. Pure bloods are the wizards where both parents are born a witch and wizard, these wizards are like Draco Malfoy and Ron…

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  • Comparison Between Ron And Draco Malfoy's 'Harry Potter'

    Ron’s financial background puts him in the low position in the eyes of his peers – old magical families. It is also the fact that his family is known to not be dark and support muggle right that exclude them from any respected position within magical society. As soon Ron and Draco Malfoy meet each other on the train the clash between them is inevitable. Draco mocks Ron shabby and messy appearance and later Ron is embarrassed that he does not have enough money to buy sweets as harry does. This…

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