What Is The Death Of Harry Potter Essay

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Harry Potter started off as a baby and his parents were killed by an evil wizard name Voldemort. Voldemort has tried killing Harry as well, but didn 't succeed. A bird, then came by and lifted Harry up onto the air, taking him to a another family called the Dursleys family. The Dursley family lives in Surrely, England. They pretended that they didn 't know know who Mrs. Potter was. Mrs. Dursely is Mrs. Potter sister. The Dursely family answered the door and sees Harry on the floor with a letter along with him. After ten years have passed, Harry is now eleven years old. He is living in a cupboard under the stairs in the Dursley house. His aunt Petunia awakens him one morning because it was his cousin 's birthday name Dudley. Dudley was rude to Harry and his …show more content…
Hermione notices that Snape is cursing Harry 's broomstick during the game. Hargid then takes Harry, Hermione, and Ron to the hut and was told how Snape was cursing his broomstick. Hagrid can 't believe why would Snape want to kill Harry. When Christmas has arrived Harry has received gifts from Ron 's mother as well. And then later on the big Quidditch game is coming nearby, but harry is nervous about Snape 's evil plans. Harry then see 's Mr. Snape is heading somewhere and follows him. Snape talking in the forest with Professor Quirrell and heard him mentioning about the Philosopher Stone. Harry and his friends try to figure out what Snape is been trying to do but can 't think of a plan in action. Hermione, Harry, and Neville are told to go to the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid for their detention because of the dragon story caused them trouble. Hagrid then points out traces of unicorn blood. After researching and discovering in the forest about the unicorn blood, Harry finds out that Voldemort was drinking the unicorn blood and he could obtain the Philosopher

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