Who Is Harry Potter's Delusion In Hogwarts

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Hogwarts was Harry Potter’s Delusion:

There is a theory that Harry Potter’s wonderful idealistic adventures in Hogwarts were a delusion he created for himself in reaction to the Verbal and Physical abuse.

For starters, Harry's magic fantasies begin when, in real life, he's about to begin school at Stonewall High, being separated from his abusive cousin for the first time. It's a new school, a new environment, and therefore the perfect time to begin his delusions.

First creation: Hagrid. Hagrid is so obviously a projection of Harry's impression of his Uncle Vernon, the only father figure in his life. Hagrid is ridiculously large, physically intimidating, and even imitates Vernon's speech patterns (count how many times each character says "ruddy" or "ruddy hell"). Vernon is the master of the Dursley household, the family money manager, and would've been seen pulling out his keys every time the family got in the car or returned home. Hagrid is the Hogwarts groundskeeper, master of keys, and responsible for taking Harry to his bank at Gringott's. Harry simply replaces Vernon's cruelty with Hagrid's over-the-top kindness.

Second creation: Draco. Draco is Harry's first attempt to create a best friend, an image of himself as wealthy and wanted in this new fantasy world. Draco has Dudley's hair because,
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Not only does that far outpace any reported ER visits by his classmates, but his injuries stand out as well. While classmates visit for things like having their "skin complexion altered to resemble cornflakes," Harry tends to get injured in more normal ways, like a cracked skull or broken arm. Even more interestingly, there is almost always a bizarre, long-winded explanation for how these injuries happened. Abused children have been know to make things up to cope with their injuries like saying you were injured because an elf cursed a magical steel baseball and made it smash you in the

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