Harry Potter Archetypal Analysis

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In this essay will evaluate the seemingly archetypal narrative that exist within the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling. As of July 2013 The Harry Potter series had sold an approximate amount of 450 million copies, reiterating the notion that the series is one of the best- selling series in all of history. Just as professor Mcgonagall said in the first novel. “every child in our world will know his name!”. To this day, 17 years since the release of the first book, many social scientist have attempted to understand the cause of appeal that the series olds over so many different ages, cultures, genders, ethnic backgrounds, and countries: and have not been able to come to a conclusive answer. Many have inferred that the appeal lies within Harry’s journey and it’s similarity to various other epic heros …show more content…
Instead, it becomes apparent through the essay that Harry Potter has a lot more to and is more developed than previously thought. He holds all the characteristics of a traditional hero but exceeds and excels with his habits as developed throughout the books. Such as by being more emotional and vulnerable. Therefore, after much careful analyzation it becomes very evident that Harry is a very complex character who cannot be listed/ summed up in a simplistic formula. It becomes apparent through my analyzation that the purpose of Harry, as a character, is to depict each individual as a hero with a quest. Harry is depicted by Rowling as a hero who continually grows, has good and bad within him and isn’t perfect. The object of his being is to stand as a model of growth and motivation to each reader not to stand as an average archetypal hero who will conquer one demon and come out on top and stay

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