Public Health And Disease Essay

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to ultimately resolve this matter. Many of the countries infectious diseases would be contracted and spread because of the lack of sanitation, by providing funds to better the sanitation quality the number of preventable deaths due to infectious disease would decrease monumentally. It would also be wise for the government to educate people from this poorer community on how to retain the sanitary environments and clean water, so that the country can continue to be provided with these better living conditions if the government were to decide to cease their support.

iii) What are the advantages for this country by spending money on public health? (3 marks)

If this country were to allocate money towards the improvement or implementation of
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It would mean that health concerns that were once easily treatable may no longer be able to be treated and cured so simply, as health services will be unable to provide the population with the suitable medications or treatment options due to it being too costly.

Additionally, if there is not enough expenditure for health services, it’s likely that insurance costs and subsidies will increase. Creating a further problem for people of the public who may find it difficult to keep up with the growing rate of healthcare. This could mean that when people become ill or injure themselves, healthcare services will be inaccessible to them due to the high cost. A higher cost on healthcare could also result in an increase in debt for many Australian citizens.

Another issue that may arise if there is not enough money to pay for health services, is that health care practitioners may lose jobs. Not only because the Australian Government would not be able to afford them, but, also because if the price of health care is in affordable to majority of the Australian population then there will be not as many patients that are seeking medical assistance, therefore not as many medical professionals will be needed, resulting in a loss of

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