The Obama Care Crisis: The Affordable Care Act

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Affordable care act (ObamaCare) for short has been one of the holes threatening to sink the United States Titanic health Care system. Immediate repairs to this act are needed before it capsizes the health care system. The Obama care act is a healthcare act that gives affordable, quality health insurance to registered U.S citizen especially focusing on low-income families who cannot get quality health insurance otherwise. However, this “wondrous” Obama Care comes at the expense of health beneficiaries, tax payers and even senior citizens who require it the most.
Health insurance is a major segment in the American society and inevitably American families. Health care cost and spending increased by 5.3% compared to the previous year and is approximately
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Obama Care paints a rose colored solution to healthcare issues while piercing its thorn at its side. Obama Care provides benefits such as low cost and affordable health insurance for over 15 million previously uninsured Americans with low income but it damages the health care industry overtime. This is because by providing cheap Medicare, the health care sector would run low on profits and funds. The Obama Care act dictates a $716 billion cut on Medicare funds in the next 10 years. But in order to fix this problem an increase in tax would be placed on health providers and beneficiaries whose funds have been cut, which in turn would increase the price of health services for the remaining population including senior …show more content…
The $716 billion shortage of funds the health care sector is likely to experience in the next decade may cause damage to the overall health care system of America. The unprofitable health care providers and businesses would have to dissolve causing a decrease in the amount of health providers as well as workers, thus limiting the access of good health care for American families. Reforming the act to make sure there are enough funds to sustain the health care sector in the long run without jeopardizing its standard is also an adjustment that needs to be done to the Obama Care act.
A reformed Obama Care that includes the above changes will be more conducive for American families, because of the reduced taxes and minimum threat to the overall standard of the US healthcare in upcoming years. Obama care is plan that should still be in implementation because it has positively rescued millions of American families but should be reformed because it has also negatively cost American

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