Dowry law in India

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  • Root Cause Analysis: Female Infanticide

    problem, a plan for advocacy can be designed to address the issue. As an international social worker, working for a non-government agency, my organization would address female infanticide, specifically in India. Infanticide and feticide encompasses the murder of newborn children or sex selective abortion. Female infanticide and feticide is a common practice in India that has been happening for centuries. It is heavily imbedded in their traditions and culture (Davis, "It 's a girl", 2012). However, the gender ratio has continued to become…

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  • Dowry Death Analysis

    “Rising Number of Dowry Deaths in India” emphasizes issues of domestic violence in India. The phrase “bride burning” and “dowry death” evokes up images of a harsh husband and his family members mocking and distressing the young woman for money and finally drenching a young woman in kerosene, tossing a lighted matchstick on her and rejoicing as the unfortunate woman goes up in flames. In “Rising Number of Dowry Deaths,” Amanda Hitchcock explains that most brides are murdered because their…

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  • Bride Burning In India

    Bride burning is exactly what it sounds like, and it is not just a problem of past. Bride burning is occurs in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other surrounding countries; despite laws being in place to prevent it. India is where most cases are documented, but because of stigma many are reported as accidental deaths or suicides and are not accounted for in statistics. Bride burning has occurred throughout history, caused by disputes over dowry, and ends with the newlywed woman burned alive.…

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  • Exploratory Essay On Child Marriage

    India currently has the highest number of child brides worldwide, despite the fact that the practice of child marriage is illegal in the country. This trend is particularly relevant, as it reveals that child marriage—a significant human rights violation—has seemingly continued unabated in the region. This exploratory essay aims to understand why the practice of child marriage remains in India. The paper will first provide a general definition of child marriage through the lens of human rights…

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  • Importance Of Dowry System

    One of the worst evils of Indian Society is the Dowry System. The word 'Dowry' means the property and money that a bride brings to her husband's house at the time of her marriage. It is a custom that is prevalent in all the sections of our society in one form or the other. In ancient India daughters had no rights of inheritance to their family's wealth. In order to ensure financial security to their daughter’s parents gave expensive moveable property like gold, diamond, jewellery, silver…

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  • Patriarchy In Sociology

    India prides on its ideology of Patriarchy, which is still heavily enforced to this day. Unfortunately, this proves to have consequences for a large number of the population. A result proves to be domestic violence which is influenced by the thought that the woman must obey the man. By definition it is proven to be either emotional or sexual abuse imposed on the victim (The United States Department of Justice). Issues such as the wife not respecting her husband 's family can impose hefty…

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  • Discriminatory Practices In Today's Society

    practices such as sati, child marriage, dowry killings and others are still present and prevent India from reaching gender equality. A practice named sati is executed at a much smaller scale nowadays, but nevertheless sati is still practiced in many parts of India. Sati is where recently widowed women are burned to death on her husband’s funeral pyre, a pile of wood where a corpse is burned. The practice is currently outlawed and illegal, yet it still occurs and is regarded by different…

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  • Forced Marriage: Arranged Marriage In The United States

    Forced Marriage in India To most people’s common knowledge, arranged marriage has always been a known cultural tradition that most South-Asian societies still practice today. Arranged marriage is consent between both the families of the couple and the couple itself, to be married. Then there is forced marriage which is the practice of forcing one or both parties to marry, which is what I’m here to discuss. Forced marriage is an ongoing issue that is practiced in South-Asian societies and as…

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  • Satti Practices In Ancient Epics

    One of the British rule that have saved thousands of lives was the abolition of Sati practice in 1846 (Hawley,1994). It stopped for a while after the law was passed but soon the practiced began again. The social pressure accounted women to commit sati and most of the time it was forced. Women were tied with rope and seated on the pyre until the fire was lit so they can't try to run or resist. Sometimes they were drugged so it's easier to put them on fire (Embree, 2005). The most counter…

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  • Diversity In India

    Diversity in India India is an extremely diverse country in Asia. It has many different religions and languages that lead to many problems for the government. In terms of population, it is the world’s largest democracy, according to Masci (2001). The country is relatively new only gaining independence in 1947 from the United Kingdom. India has adopted many of the colonial forms from their previous masters, such as a common law system, a parliament, as well as the English language. The country…

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