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  • Mary Anne Warren: Infanticide

    Mary Anne Warren- Infanticide In history, with the exception of people not wanting children of Spartans and others along with certain genders, infanticide has almost always been looked down upon. The rights of a human are always greater than that of an animal, even though they might be “potential persons”. Relating to that, I argue in this essay that Mary Anne Warren does not defend her 2nd infanticide argument (“merely potential persons do not have a moral right to become actual-or none that is strong enough to override the fundamental moral rights of actual persons”) adequately through her reply, I will do so by analyzing potential persons, infants, and persons to argue against infanticide. Warren’s reply to why infanticide is allowed is…

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  • Root Cause Analysis: Female Infanticide

    The objective of this assessment is to identify a social problem in the international context, determine the people affected, possible causes of the problem and who may benefit. After the assessment of the problem, a plan for advocacy can be designed to address the issue. As an international social worker, working for a non-government agency, my organization would address female infanticide, specifically in India. Infanticide and feticide encompasses the murder of newborn children or sex…

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  • Essay On Neonaticide

    The act of neonaticide has been going on for hundreds and thousands of years throughout different regions and cultures. Neonaticide is defined as the killing of a child during the first twenty-four hours of life. Both Jan Hoffman the author of “An Infant’s Death and Ancient Debate” and Steven Pinker the author of “Why They Kill Their Newborns” discuss why mothers are able to kill their newborns and how this type of infanticide has been going on for hundreds of years in many different places and…

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  • Deng Xiaoping's One-Child Policy

    China’s government enforced financial punishments with heavy fines to make sure citizens obeyed the law in place. Not only were there financial punishments, but also, women were forced to have sterilizations, abortions and even participate in infanticide. Daily abortions occurred, about 35,000 abortions every day. while the one-child policy was instated (Gendercide 1). Most of these abortions were female fetuses, because of the desire to have a boy child. “Son preference” was prevalent in China…

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  • China Population Growth

    Another one of the more serious factors happens to be sex ratios. The ratios have been affected due to the previous one child policy, which served as a form of family planning. This has become a real problem whereas, due to the policies, families would choose to have a male rather than a female to fulfill the quota. Female infanticide is evident in China. “Women are missing in their millions-aborted, killed, neglected to death” (“Gendercide”). Also, some couples fail to report female selective…

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  • Abortion In China

    In China there has been a steady increase in the number of “missing women” Qian states that “an estimated 48.4 percent of the population in China and India are female”1. Most of the missing women in the world are in India and China where it is stated there is an estimated deficit of close to seventy million women. The sex imbalance has been documented in richer Asian countries like Taiwan and South Korea. The increase of sex imbalance in these countries has been attributed to neglect of the…

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  • Infanticide In Christianity

    Christianity While we also find discrimination in the treatment of women within the religions of Judaism and Christianity, there were safeguards in both practices to prevent social acceptance of infanticide by its people. The Jews were clearly against the taking of any human life, and generally forbade the killing of any newborn. Each life was a gift of God and only the Holy Father could extinguish its flame. [15] Because of these facts, infanticide was rare and never socially accepted by the…

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  • Ethics Of Infanticide

    of a few hours to a few weeks, but this would not be devoid of pain and suffering. This not withstanding, it might be difficult to conceive of any idea of infanticide in this situation because the infant is considered a member of the species “Homo Sapiens.” An infant whose life is full of pain and suffering will have no interest to continue living, they have an interest to be free from pain and suffering. Therefore there can be no good reason to preserve a life of suffering when that life…

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  • Essay On Infanticide

    Infanticide is “where a woman by any willful act or omission causes the death of her child being a child under the age of twelve months- (D., 1938)”. That definition of infanticide was created under English law in 1922. The Act allowed for the punishment to not be treated as murder. In 1938 a provision of the Act was created. The provision added more to the original definition and added a specific time span in which the mother kills her child. During the time of the killing the mother has to not…

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  • Infanticide Essay

    India infanticide has and is a big topic in India for many decades. It is the killing of girls using selective gender techniques. Whether it would be infanticide or abortion because of economic, financial burden when she gets married, and for spiritual rights that only men can do these were all old Indian ways. India needs to make more laws and new regulatory agencies to enforce these rules and procedures. They do not enforce their own laws now and with no agency, nothing is being done to solve…

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