Examples Of A Just Society

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An average African American in Chicago would argue that the law in our society is unjust. However that is not true at all. Cases in trial ultimately began turning into laws that would help our society. All these cases that happened lead to a just society in 2015. The justification of the law is for everyone of all ages, people of all ethnicities, of all colors, both genders, and yes that includes African Americans in Chicago. In order to explain to an average African American that our society there are many things I will say and explain to them in order to persuade them, and be able to change their belief that our society is unjust.
The government has done everything possible to be fair with you if your property stands in their way. If you
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This law does not allow anyone to try to sue you and put you under arrest for a crime that was done more than a specified numbers of years. It would not be fair if someone tried to bring you to court for something that you did years ago. People over time change and learn from their mistakes, so the person they would be trying to accuse of something may potentially not bet the same person who committed that crime a long time ago. If someone did something to you that they did not like they should not have to wait a long time to make a report, but instead do it instantly when the crime was done. The alibi is especially important during a case like this. The longer you wait the more you forget what exactly happened, and tell the police where you were at and what was going on during the time of the …show more content…
No one can inflict any type of pain to you even if they are only playing around. That is not a legitimate excuse for the police. There are also laws that incriminate people who try to kill you or your family with first degree manslaughter and second degree manslaughter as well as potential manslaughters that do not end up happening, but were planned to happen. Also, it is important to know that it is illegal for someone to force you to do something against your will. On the other side of things, the police cannot incriminate you for something they do not have sufficient amount of proof that you are guilty, that in our society you are innocent until you are proven guilty. In other places such as Europe this is not how they

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