Terra nullius

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  • Why Did The British Colonize Australia

    specimens collected by his companions Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander. Cook followed the coastline northwards and on the 22nd of August landed at Possession Island (which is off the coast of Northern Queensland), where he believed the land was “Terra Nullius” and claimed the entire coastline from Botany Bay to Possession Island, British Territory. During this period, Britain was in the midst of great economic and social upheaval. The Industrial Revolution had displaced many people and…

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  • Summary: From The Journal Of A First Fleet Surgeon

    To begin, I will explore how Worgan’s second letter utilises literary devices, allusions and symbolism to validate the noteworthy juxtaposition between the Europeans and Australians attitude towards the native landscape. This private letter, titled “From the Journal of a First Fleet Surgeon,” was written by an English naval surgeon George Bouchier Worgan, who accompanied the First Fleet to Australia. Written on the 12th June 1788, Worgan’s journal takes the form of a letter, addressed to his…

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  • Comparing Paul Keating And Noel Pearson's Speech 'Redfern'

    his audiences understanding about Australian and Aboriginal history, as he was an active member of the Indigenous community and high profile Aboriginal law graduate. This speech was given 4 years after the Mabo decision rejected the theory of Terra Nullius and just a few days after prime minister John Howard criticised the ‘black armband’ view of history, which then caused a debate over how Australians should respond to their past. This was a time of social and political anxiety in Australia’s…

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  • Indigenous Education System Analysis

    From the onset of the invasion of Australia in 1788, supported by the claim that Australia was uninhabited land, ‘Terra Nullius’, a ripple effect of disadvantage began which resulted in intergenerational discrepancies in the educational outcomes of Indigenous Australians. However, the unequal outcomes of Indigenous Australians were, and often still are, attributed to the belief of Indigenous Australians’ inherent inequality to Whites. This is despite the fact that the systems established in…

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  • Indigenous Exceptionalism Analysis

    The exclusion of Indigenous people from the nations constitution took place in the early nineteenth century. Henry Parkes the premier of the colony of New South Wales called for all six Australian colonies to unite and create a great national government for ALL of Australia. Parkes initiated a constitution based on common racial and British custom on which this nation was supposedly founded. Throughout her speech “Indigenous Exceptionalism and the Constitutional ‘Race Power’ Marcia Langton…

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  • This Country A Reconciled Republic

    republic. The preamble was severely condemned by Aboriginal leaders because Howard did not consult them to draft it. McKenna highlights the impact of the Mabo decision on the republican movement. Indeed, the Mabo decision shattered “the spirit of Terra Nullius” drafted in the Australian Constitution and appealed for constitutional reform which would acknowledge the Aboriginal people and reveal the new reality of the Australian society. As McKenna wrote, “At the 1998 Constitutional Convention,…

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  • Sally Morgan My Place Analysis

    Despite being aware of the existence of these people, the British considered the Australian continent to be a terra nullius under English law, meaning a land belonging to no one and started their settlement in 1788. The population of the aboriginals declined significantly after British settlement due to unfamiliar diseases from Europe and also due to violent conflicts…

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  • International Norm: Rights Of Indigenous People

    states, “One of the first effects of international law on indigenous rights was was ironically through the legacy of their disposession”-- the colonization and subjugation of indigenous territories was legally sanctioned by rules like “discovery”, “terra nullius” and “conquest” (1). At the end of the 18th century, The first time the League of Nations dealt with the rights of Indigenous People was through the International Labor Rights movement. In 1957, ILO 107…

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  • William Trutt Black Thursday Analysis

    Kevin Parlato Global Context William Strutt Painting “Black Thursday” Australia has a unique but dark past when it comes to its colonial history. Remnants of this past still linger as significant problems for the modern era. These problems expose themselves in many aspects of the Australian culture such as politics, social ques, and art. If a foreigner, such as myself, takes a look at Australian art, I take it in at face value. It would take lots of research to determine any cultural…

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  • Contemporary First People's Health Outcomes

    The purpose of this paper is to critically analyse the impact of history and colonisation on contemporary First People’s health outcomes. It will also analyse how these impacts influenced Australia’s First Peoples ability to build trustful and respectful relationships within the healthcare system. It will commence by explaining the policy era of colonisation and how this era impacted on health. This will then lead into strength-based approaches that healthcare professionals can use to build…

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