Bobbie Rosenfeld Influence On Women

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When it came to sports in the first half of the 1900s Bobbie Rosenfeld was the one every girl aspired to be. Bobbie Rosenfeld was the most influential women to the other women of the world who wanted to become athletes. She was, compassionate, dedicated, and most of all she was hard working. Rosenfeld was a role model on and off of the field, ice, court, and track. She helped women believe in themselves and their abilities, so they could show the men and others that didn’t believe in their skills, they deserved to be treated equally.

Bobbie Rosenfeld was compassionate about a ton of things, but to her, there was nothing like sports. Lacrosse, Softball, Ice hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Speed Skating, and Track were all the sports Rosenfeld
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At that meet she didn’t only beat Rose grosse again, she also beat the American world record holder Helen Filkey. At that meet, she ran 100-yard dash with a time of 11 seconds. Also that year Rosenfeld’s hockey and softball teams were city champions. By the mid-1920’s Rosenfeld’s name was appearing regularly in the city's sporting pages. In 1923 at the Ontario ladies track and field championships Bobbie Rosenfeld did amazing, she came first in shot put, 220-yard dash, discus, low hurdles, and long jump. She came second in javelin and 100-yard dash, all in one day. Rosenfeld held records for the 440-yard dash (open relay), standing board jump, discus, javelin, and shot put, until 1952. In 1924 she claimed the Toronto Ladies Grass Court Tennis Championship. 1928 Rosenfeld got asked to compete in track and field, that was the first year women were able to compete in track and field in the Olympics. Rosenfeld did the women proudly. She competed in the 100-yard dash, and with a photo finish, she was given the second place medal. Rosenfeld also competed in the 800-yard dash (to support a friend/teammate). During this race, her teammate was starting to slow down and lose momentum. Instead of Rosenfeld passing her, she stayed with her

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