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  • The New England Patriots

    The New England Patriots have won an astonishing thirteen out of the last fifteen division titles in the AFC East division. They have won four out of six appearances to the big game the SUPERBOWL. They have taken control of the AFC division by not only taking control but by becoming one of the most winning teams in NFL history. Under the coaching of Bill Belichick, the team has become the focus of the NFL as the team to beat. Bill has joined and elite list of head coaches with the most super bowl wins as a head coach with four titles. Bill is the only head coach with three Superbowl title is a span of four years He leads all of NFL active coaches with 246 wins under his belt which is fourth of all time. But one of my favorite stats is that Bill has won 23 post season victories most in NFL history. NFL teams now a days try to replicate every aspect of the New England Patriots. They are looked at as elite franchise the team to beat. NFL players say time and time again as they come and go from the Patriots that the locker room is like walking into a whole different level of the game. The thing with the pats is that athletes know going into this franchise that they expect the very best out on the field each and every day. DO YOUR JOB that’s their moto if you don’t we will find someone that does. It’s part of the Patriots culture not to show boat, the owners don’t get to involved with how things happen…

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  • Why The New England Patriots

    Sticks and stones may break their bones. However words, scandals, and sheer hate cannot keep a good team down. I have been a fan of the New England Patriots for a while now and I am in no way tired of supporting the number one team in the American Football Conference. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way I do. As great as we may be, there is a team that is on our heels vying for our coveted spot. The Denver Broncos. The topic I chose for my research paper was instinctive once I saw the…

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  • Case Study: The New England Patriots

    The New England Patriots are currently 7-1 and are tied for the best record in the NFL. Even though it is only the midway point of the season, the Patriots still sit atop the AFC East with a 3 game lead and are currently the number 1 seed in the AFC along with being atop most NFL power rankings. Since week 5, Tom Brady has returned to the starting lineup for the Pats and has torched the league for 12 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in 4 games. Along with the return of Brady was the return of…

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  • New England Patriots Game Analysis

    On Friday night, the New England Patriots played the Detriot Lions in a preseason game. Even though the team won the game, the biggest story coming out of that game is not good news for the team. During the first quarter, Wide Receiver Julian Edelman suffered a knee injury when running a route and he had to be carted out of the game and did not come back. Last season in 16 games, Edelman had 91 receptions, 1,106 receiving yards, and 3 touchdowns. Leading up to last season, the Patriots were…

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  • Case Analysis: The Atlanta Coffin Vs. The New England Patriots

    Super Bowl LI just happened this past Sunday. The Atlanta Falcons v. the New England Patriots. The Falcons started off strong in the first half ending it with them leading 21-3. Coming into the 3rd quarter, Atlanta scored a touchdown on their first drive, but the Patriots came brought a fight. New England tied up with Atlanta by the end of the 4th quarter, 28-28. In overtime, the Patriots scored and won the game, 34-28. The producers of Super Bowl LI did a great job overall. Now it’s my turn to…

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  • New England Patriots: Case Study

    Adalius Thomas former NFL linebacker signed a contract with the New England Patriots for five years for thirty-five million dollars. Thomas at the time was the highest paid free agent for the New England Patriots. Thomas went to go buy a car and during the transaction his credit was below what it should be, not allowing him to buy the car. Gary Stern was his attorney at the time to deal with his taxes. Stern was involved in creating a fraudulent tax scheme which left Thomas to pay back the IRS…

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  • New England Patriots Character Analysis

    At one point or another, everyone has stood up for something that they believe in or that they thought was right. Personally, I hate to admit that I am wrong, even if midway through an argument I realize that I am clearly wrong. However, there is one particular case that many of my friends tease me about and that is the accusation of my favorite football team the New England Patriots cheating in the 2014 AFC Championship game. I constantly stand up for the Patriots because they have been my…

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  • Definition Essay: Hatred In The New England Patriots

    Hate. Now that’s a powerful word ever since I was a child my mom always told me not to use the word “hate” because it was a strong word but I never truly knew the why it was so bad. Then I discoverd the definition myself when I went to my first Jet football game with my dad and brothers. The Jets, they were the best team in the world (well in my own eyes). That day that dreadful day id the day I started hating the New England Patriots. That was one of the worse days of my life the New York Jets…

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  • Tom Brady Research Paper

    League, and the biggest face of the New England Patriots organization, is Tom Brady. Brady, whom is one of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks is commonly recognized in a lot of different ways. The many mixed emotions about Brady oppose to his abilities on the field, are a concern to many, and amazing to the others. He is pointed at as the greatest quarterback of all time, a cheater, a cry baby, a celebrity, and a role model for many. In my eyes, he is hands down the greatest quarterback to ever touch…

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  • Deflategate Or Cheating

    S. Karp, Lorin L. Reisner states that “There was no deliberate attempt by the Patriots to introduce to the playing field a non-approved ball during the AFC Championship Game” (Wells). That statement alone makes a lot of people wonder if there was ever any cheating. This debate has even caused younger generations to take action. One high school chemistry teacher and her students came up with a project to test if the footballs can naturally deflate. The main question asked in this project is…

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