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  • Tanak Essay

    all its own. Yet, with proper study, much about the text can be discovered because many try to translate the original Hebrew and Aramaic as accurately as possible. This does not mean every form has the same wording because the translator’s preference and the specific words used in the text can lead to several translations emerging with slight differences between each version. Even seemingly straight-forward…

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  • Eating And Long-Term Satisfaction

    working with the client for a certain time frame and them achieving goals can help them to have confidence in themselves and empower them to see they are quite capable to help themselves and see that short-term immediate satisfaction is not always the right choice. The devotional talks about the sweets of life (short-term gratification) and a social worker can help a client by letting them see and accept the meat and potatoes of life (long-term satisfaction). “But the worries of this life, the…

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  • Simple Getaways Analysis

    With the current infrastructure, Simple Getaways is depending on their own equipment to maintain and secure the company’s data. Harnessing SPO allows the company to utilize the existing infrastructure, but extend the maintenance and security to Microsoft’s data centers. This provides significant emphasis in terms of disaster recovery and data retention. Further examining this, backup solutions and hardware maintenance are abundantly reduced, therefore further saving the company money. The…

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  • The Issue Of Morality In Mere Christianity By C. S. Lewis

    In his classic work “Mere Christianity,” C. S. Lewis describes a basic Christian worldview. A significant theme Lewis discusses is the issue of morality and its meaning in relation to God and to one another. Where does morality come from and how does one become moral? Lewis contends that all ethics originate with God and that human beings cannot be truly moral apart from the transforming work of Jesus Christ. In a chapter entitled, “The Three Parts of Morality,” Lewis proposes that one part of…

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  • Morality In Mere Christianity By C. S. Lewis

    originates with God, Lewis argues, nor can man be truly moral apart from the transforming work of Jesus Christ. In a chapter entitled, “The Three Parts of Morality,” Lewis suggests that one part of morality is the “tidying up” of one’s self on the inside, in other words, to “first clean the inside of the cup” (Matthew 23:25-28, New International Version). Further, in the chapter I wish to discuss “Nice People or New Men,”…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Romeo And Juliet Play And Movie

    Comparing and Contrasting Shakespeare's Play Romeo and Juliet and the Movie Version "[. . . E]mblems of mafia gang-land hostility: guns, fast cars, and tattoos [. . .]" (Walker 5) are not the usual images found in a Shakespearean play. Baz Luhrmann's 1996 production of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is: [. . .] told in a setting [. . .] that is modern and yet unfamiliar: a world where the youth might conceivably always go armed; a world where love can still be so thwarted and…

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  • Free Translation: Different Versions Of The Bible

    There are many versions and translations of the bible, just as there are many types of people reading the bible there are many different versions to accommodate the variety of people reading . Although all of the versions and translations are accurate and there is an overall message for each verse that all the versions stick to, there are definitely a lot of differences among the versions. The above table shows the differences among just three versions of the same verse. The First translation,…

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  • Penguin Case Study

    the entirety of Penguin’s cover history, it contains the main pathways, showing the development of the brand along with their changes in design and the new series’ and prints that they brought to life. This book is not only influenced by Baines however, but also by David Pearson (designer for Penguin), who helped to curate the cover designs from the Penguin archives, and also informed by past employees and designers of the company…

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  • Cover Songs Analysis

    Various covers of three of the greatest hits. Since the beginning of time people from all aspects of the world have took music as a way of life. To the art form of how music was made to the beats, rhythm, and the way music makes you feel. Some of music’s greatest legends have done many cover songs, such as Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt”, Guns N’ Roses – “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, and Muse’s cover of ‘Feeling Good’. While many may believe the original version of the song itself sounds better…

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  • Samuel Johnson's Grief In Hamlet

    his beloved father, even so, revenge belongs to the Lord,“Don’t hit back; discover beauty in everyone. If you’ve got it in you, get along with everybody. Don’t insist on getting even; that’s not for you to do. “I’ll do the judging,” says God. “I’ll take care of it”” (Romans 12:17-19, The Message). And John Milton in Paradise Lost writes, "So bent he seems On desperate revenge that shall redound Upon his own rebellious head" (Milton, J. 1791, para3.84). Hamlet’s plans for revenge are not from…

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