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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Gold Standard?

    There are always pros and cons to every system no matter which direction you may look at it. Both the idea of having the gold standard and not having our money backed by anything are two very shaky and solid ideas. The current system has no backing of any kind so prices are slanted more toward the government’s whim. This can make the economy more flexible in a hard pinch by just printing more money. The gold standard gives our money more solidarity because there is only so much gold in the world this limits the spending on pointless wars and keeps thing with in their means. The gold standard is the better of the two because it encourages healthy spending and saving habits. Or maybe even anti-matter? Have no backing to the United States Dollar gives our government a finer amount of control and keep its value a little more steady. This fine amount of control could just as easily back fire. Pieces can decline or increase depending on how many trillions of the dollars the government can print or with drawn into the economy or adjust interest rates on barrowing. These adjustments have caused resections like the housing bubble and financial crisis of 2008-2009 by keeping interest rates way too low. The response to this problem has been to print more money, then bail out the companies who are facing crisis. The last twelve instances this situation has only applied a Band-Aid to the situation with fiat money. By doing this these entities just think they will be bailed out the next…

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  • Disadvantages Of Cryptocurrency

    Have you ever wondered why a dollar or even a coin has any value at all? It’s just a piece of paper or metal and just as easily seashells or beads could have been given value for trade, right? Well what’s stopping other physical objects, or in this case pieces of code, from having value? Virtual currency or “cryptocurrency”, so called because it is a currency that uses a form of cryptography, is a type of currency that exists solely online. One of the most successful cryptocurrencies to emerge…

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  • Uncleaned Ancient Coins Guide: The Antique Store

    Uncleaned Ancient Coins Guide - The Antique Store - Joshua Lee [ Figure 1:1 ] Requirements 1 Pin Coins Some olive oil Purified Water Containers Lots of time and patience Magnifying glass Good lighting source [ Natural light works best ] Towels Brushes Notes before reading Please read the sections below first before a cleaning attempt is started: Bronze Disease I have doubts about cleaning. I may damage it. Method Method ­ 1] Place coins on a flat surface with good lighting. I…

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  • Roman Republican Coinage Analysis

    This essay will analyse and discuss the political impact of the iconography of Roman Republican Coinage. Using ancient and modern sources, it will consider the development of coinage as monumental, and analyse whether its political impact was for the purpose of propaganda, or simply as a means of documentation. In the Roman Republic, coinage served as goods themselves, in a system of bartering, not like money used in modern times. Early Roman coins were stamped on the obverse only, serving as a…

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  • Pros And Cons Of National Currency

    National Currency “It's not that I’m Anti-China. I just think it’s ridiculous that we allow them to do what they're doing to this country, with the manipulation of the currency, that you write about and understand, and all of the other things that they do” (Trump). People will go to immeasurable amounts to have the upper hand in this world, especially when it involves money. What if we could eliminate the probability of one country having an advantage over all? When concerning money, we could…

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  • Comparing Egypt And Ancient Greece

    Greek and Egyptian Greek Numismatic – Hellenic Style o Tyldesley states that Cleopatra may have intended for her coins to portray her in such a matter so that she would not be viewed as a soft ruler. o Cleopatra Cyprus Coin with Cleo and Caesarian, Cleo is depicted as Aphrodite. o These coins can be divided into two types A typical Ptolemaic queen Romanized coins show Cleo and Mark she appears in a somewhat diminished light here as she is not depicted as an independent ruler. Statues Show…

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  • Fall Of Rome Vs Usa Essay

    the U.S. Constitution. Romans thrived off of its imports, and importers were among the wealthiest citizens of the Empire. The trading of goods for goods barter system was alive and well in the ancient world, but the Romans also used one of the world's most developed coinage systems. Coins of brass, bronze, copper, silver and gold in the Imperial system were minted and circulated under strict rules for weights, sizes, value and metal composition. The popularity and value of Roman coins became so…

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  • Who Is Larry Phifer's The Crayon Box That Talked

    a picture book about a boy who befriends a red balloon. One day the main character, Charlie, found a balloon deep in the forest. He played with it and took it everywhere he went, even the people in town thought it was the most beautiful balloon. He put it on a string, he bathed it, hugged it and put it to bed. The balloon became loved by Charlie. Then one night a storm came and Charlie was in for a surprise. This book is an excellent way to help children who may be going through a loss. It is…

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  • Gold Jewellery Case Study

    1. Do you know that there is a difference in gold coins and jewellery? Some of them actually have more worth when melted down as compared to their counterparts. Members of American Numismatic Association can help you know the difference. 2. Purity of gold jewellery can be tested using an acid/scratch test, an electronic tester, or an X ray fluorescence scan. A Karat stamping may not just be enough to ensure the purity of the jewellery. 3. Do you know that unlike the stocks, the prices of Gold…

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  • Industrial Engineering Purpose Statement

    sciences .This combined with my thirst for solving complex problems was instrumental in scoring 99% in mathematics and 95% in science in my secondary school (10’Th grade) examination. During my undergraduate course period I was the winner of various technical events conducted in my institute and also across different colleges of jaipur. I was awarded first prize in events like COMPLEXITY conducted in NEURON’09 which was a national level technical festival where there are participants from all…

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