Communication In John Miller's Tender Offer, A Drama Play

Tender Offer
Tender Offer is a drama play about a relationship between a father, Paul and his daughter, Lisa. The dialogue tackles a dangerous phenomenon in most families in the US, which is communication. At the very beginning of the dialogue between the two, Paul is trying to be friendly with Lisa and joke around in an attempt to make up for recital that he missed days ago. He also seems very absorbed in his business and work, thus never gives enough time to his daughter. This play allows the characters to express their feelings and thoughts about each other. As a result, enormous changes take place within the characters. The profound theme of the play underlines a specific issue
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Business. I 'm sorry" (1420). We notice that Lisa doesn’t directly accuse her father for being late; she uses her teacher, Miss Judy to do it. This is one of many instances of inadequate communication. Lisa never stops trying to get her father’s attention. Throughout the dialogue she uses many different tactics to stay as long as possible. For instance, she procrastinates in the studio and tells him about what she saw on TV, the actress that has a Hodgkin’s disease. “ You want to hang around here until you and I are late for dinner and your mother’s angry”(1422). Paul still doesn’t understand what Lisa wants. Besides the miscommunication between Paul and Lisa, Paul seems arrogant and preoccupied, and that prevents him from fulfilling his part as a responsible loving and father. Wendy demonstrates this fact in some part of the dialogue when Lisa couldn’t find her leg warmers. However, Paul, instead of reassuring her and help her find them, he says, “Where do you think you left them? Well try to remember Lisa we don’t have all night“(1420). This quote demonstrates that Paul is completely ignorant of how his …show more content…
In addition, Father uses an unfit vocabulary to communicate, and they keep talking over each other and not quite meeting in the same page.
Finally, after many efforts Lisa gets really mad and says, “I hate you Daddy! I hate you! “ (1422). Meanwhile, she throws away her valuable trophy that she won on the dance recital. After that, Paul realizes what Lisa has been trying to tell him, that she wants him to stay with her a little bit longer, she also wants him devote more time for her in the future. At the end of the story, he makes Tender Offer to Lisa which is basically a promise that he will try his best in creating a closer bond between them. Lastly, the gap in communication seems to fade away resulting in their singing and dancing till the end.
During the play, Paul and Lisa do not seem to have a bonded relationship at all. Being so busy in his work made him distant from whom he cares about. It become worse that Paul avoided his family specially his daughter. Work has consumed his life and affected his relationship with his daughter. At the end, their relationship seems to change for the better and they start communicating well in the

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