Character Analysis: A River Runs Through It

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It is nearly impossible to help people who do not want help. In A River Runs Through it Norman Maclean shows that no matter how much he tried to help his brother, his brother never wanted it so it never changed the outcome. Norman throughout the whole book tried to help people. He tried his hardest to help his brother Paul. Paul had many problems and that is why he could help him. Norman at the end of the book tells the whole theme of the book and that is, “You can’t help others if they do not want help.” Paul did not want anyones help. He was an adult and didn't want to admit to any of his problems. His first problem between him and his brother was that he and his brother and to be careful on what they said to each other. They both knew …show more content…
Gambling plus alcohol is the worst possible thing to do. Unfortunately for Paul is addicted to both of these things. Paul's life is gambling he grew up gambling and eventually took his life. “He would go to county fairs to pretend to place that he was betting on horses, like men, except that no betting booths would take his bets because they were too small and he was too young… By the time he was in the early twenties he was in the big stud poker games.(8)” He was addicted with gambling and overtime he lost money to gambling and he need money Norman would offer him money. He would just keep gambling and drinking and he didn't want help which made him extremely in debt to gamblers. Going back to the theme ,“You cant help others if they do not want help.” This was the only reason why Paul didn't get true help and why he was killed. Paul was tortured because of gambling and not wanting help. (Quote page 102)
He had help if he wanted it and he could not have been tortured but he wanted to keep his dignity and he never wanted help from his older brother. His dad was never able to help him because even as a kid Paul did not listen to his father, and his dad couldn't make him do anything. Paul needed help but he didn't want it, and because of that he was tortured and killed and Norman could try all he wanted to help but he would never truly be able to help

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