Passage Of Ephesians 1-2

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Today 's passage is from the Book of Ephesians 2:1-10. The main idea is "God 's gift in the restoration of humanity from the fall." It has a three-part outline. In the beginning, the spiritually dead and hopeless (v1-3) are lifted up, by grace, and made alive in the gift, workmanship, and journey of Jesus until the end times. First, however, are the historical and literary outlines.
Historical Background Paul was a well-rounded, educated Pharisaic Jew and tent maker, who was born at about the same time as Jesus (d 67). Paul had transformed, on the Road to Emmaus, at around 33AD (Acts 9:1-9). Luke, a Gentile, traveled with him, perhaps, from Syria. Paul was a physician and historian (d 84 in Greece). Luke wrote about Paul in Acts 19. Paul had written approximately a third of the New Testament, which includes the thirteen epistles. The letters, on which our context is based, can be found in the Prison Epistles that consist of Colossians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Philemon. Ephesians is
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This is the gift of regeneration, a new spiritual life to those who believe in God. The final third of the passage, verse 7 "the coming ages" in Greek, gives some different time frames. The author suspects Paul meant Godly terms, so he chose eternity and the end times. In verse 8, Paul teaches that grace is equal to the power which the author can feel in his voice still. God offers and secures the redemption process from the wrath of verse 3. In verse 9, redemption is not something of a deed or thought. As a result, no bragging is required or needed. Finally a big, fantastic ending in verse 10 - workmanship which goes back to creation, for good works which Ephesians are advised by Paul to walk. Walk in Greek is similar to live or

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