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  • Qihoo 360 Case Study

    remove them,” said Zhou Hongyi, “If I didn’t do it, I would always be deemed as the creator of malicious software. I admit I made some mistakes, but the mistakes could be corrected.” Therefore, Zhou set up an internal team to work on an application that would clean up malicious software. In July 2006, 360 Safe Guard was officially released, a freeware dedicated to the cleanup of malicious software. Targeting real use needs, 360 Safe Guard hit the market with immediate success. Later, a number of other features were added to 360 Safe Guard, including system cleanup. By June 2007, the market share of its monthly unique users grew to…

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  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Safari?

    Web browser is a special program designed for viewing websites. It works via http requests to the server and receiving from it the information that is processed by a special approved standards and thus formed a web page. A brief history of the browser The very first browser within graphic interface is NCSA by company Mosaic. However, despite the fact that it is a pioneer in the field of browsers, the Mosaic development was discontinued in 1997 due to market losses. These problems begun when…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Future Of Technology

    I think my ideas are so fabulous everyone will want to hear them! I am simply positive my blog will go viral in a matter of hours. First thing I did was open Chrome browser and go to and buy myself a new shirt because I will need to upload a picture of myself for my new blog and obviously that requires a new shirt. I think business-to-customer model is fantastic, fast and easy to use. I would be surprised if this changed any time in the near future. I do know that they are…

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  • Opportunities And Threats Of Microsoft

    and service lines, Microsoft will need to keep abreast of any these changes. By continually monitoring external competition as well as looking for opportunities for product and service improvement, Microsoft can continue to remain a leader in the information technology field. A threat in the external environment for Microsoft comes in the form of competition from both small and large companies who provide services and products that compete with Microsoft. As example of a type of threat…

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  • Mayo Clinic Mission Statement

    clinical time to the Web site. The Mayo Clinic was founded in 1889 and has been growing ever since. Its mission statement today is, “To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research” (Mayo Clinic, 2016, para 1). This mission statement shows that The Mayo Clinic employees care about the livelihood of the community, and offer support as well. The information given in the Mayo Clinic’s…

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  • Fallis The 5th Wave Analysis

    Terry Fallis Versus Rick Yancey Literature, the heart of all languages, embedded in our minds. Recently, the Internet has been the place for authors demonstrating their mastery of the seven elements of cognitive design: structure, setting, characterization, tone, tropology, rhetoric and narrative perspective. Terry Fallis shows his knowledge on cognitive design in his book, The Best Laid Plans. Similarly, The 5th Wave written by Rick Yancey. While they may use the same approach to setting and…

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  • Comparing The Terms Web Object, Website, And Web Page?

    the terms web object, website, and web page, which of the following answers list a true statement about these terms? (Choose three answers.) A. A website typically contains many web objects. B. A web object typically contains many web pages. C. A web page typically contains many web objects 10. A PC user opens her Internet Explorer web browser, types the web address, and presses Enter. The web browser acting alone cannot send a request for that web address…

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  • Web Analytics

    According to the book ‘Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity’ by Avinash Kaushik “Web Analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competitors’, to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers, and potential customers have, which translates into your desired outcomes (online and offline).” So, Web analytics is the estimation, gathering, examination and reporting of web…

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  • Techniques Of Front End Optimization (FEO)

    fine-tuning of your website to make it more browser-friendly and faster to load. The term “frontend” refers to the interaction between your website and the visitors browser, where your codes are downloaded and displayed. Overview Front End Optimization focuses on digging into the code and reducing file sizes or the number of requests needed for a given web page to fully load. Here, several methods are used to streamline the HTML codes and resources to make it easier and faster for the web…

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  • Irony In Melissa Faebos's Call My Name

    Names are identities. Whether on the internet succeeding a Commercial At, a television screen, or on top of a text messaging thread. It seems, as it should, that our names have meaning, regardless of accuracy or desire. In Melissa Faebos’s book Abandon Me she illustrates a grand irony in her chapter “Call My Name”, to have a name mean one thing but the adverse be your reality. Within my own life, I’ve set goals, maintained demeanors, and pushed the status quo all in the pursuit that one day my…

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