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  • Interactivity And User-Generated Content Of Community Media

    Interactivity and user-generated content represent two concepts that have long been part of community, yet there remains question about how those concepts are being exercised in digital media. Therefore, research in this area grows in importance as community publications, like all media companies, follow their audience online (Abernathy, 2014). The public traditionally has a stronger role and voice in the production of content within community journalism. The publication of user-generated content is one of those areas that differentiate community media. Community media has been demarcated differently in various studies, but for purposes of this dissertation community media is defined as publications with circulations of less than 50,000 (Lauterer,…

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  • Gopro Camera History

    Numerous social media platforms demonstrate that technology plays an important part in the lives of the average person. This is shown through where most are created with the use of a camera. few years ago, Nick Woodman found a need to create high quality shots while surfing with his friends. He made different prototypes throughout the years when he realized he should not spend his time designing the strap for the camera but designing the camera instead. After two years he found a company willing…

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  • Free Labour In Social Media

    thing, free labour impacts consumers of digital culture by making them into producers and consumers of user generated content online. Free labour also functions in digital media by getting…

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  • Holiday Shopping Crusadess

    increasing consumer engagement with the brand. IMAGE VIA CONSTANT CONTACT “Just be sure you’re aware of the social media platform’s Terms of Service, as well as any local rules and restrictions, surrounding contests. The last thing you want is for your holiday giveaway to be shut down after running afoul of local laws,” writes Sujan Patel, growth marketer and co-founder of WebProfits. Let holiday competitions bring fun-filled emotion to your next campaign and use it as a stimulus to drive…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Digital Labour

    The term free labour presents commonly in the digital era. In Terranova’s (2004, p73) idea, it is an essential source of value in advanced capitalist societies which is not acknowledged yet. After Web2.0 gradually took the place of Web1.0, numerous digital industries were actively seeking and absorbing user-generated contents to satisfy their commercial needs which mainly contributed by free labourers. The collaboration between unpaid digital labour and digital industries further discovers new…

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  • The Exponential Growth Of Today's Culture

    Naturally, the growth of use- generated content has created a diverse assortment of different types of images i.e. memes. Although prompted to exaggerate certain events and generally without real meaning, memes do hold value in our society. They are often created and replicated to form multiple meanings in order to code or decode conversation- an evolution of language. Memes have become cultural products because they often depict a certain event in history, a behavior, or feeling that inevitably…

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  • Case Study: Flinders University

    Let Chinese internet user to increase awareness to know more about Flinders University and attracting Chinese students to go to this University to study. Our cost is basically from Forrester’s Technographics research and labour costs of some good creators, which I think it is to purchase some researches. It is will be costed US dollars 499 for each. One of them is about ‘Chinese Social Technographics Revealed’. Implementation We need to identify our target market first. Through Beijing…

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  • Clorox Company Case Study

    The Clorox Company has been making cleaning products for over 100 years. The brand wanted to reach out to the modern mothers and fathers with an on-the-go lifestyle and try and erase the notion that the brand was just bleach and for grandmas. Clorox wanted to emphasize how their products help clean up messes faster allowing the consumer more quality time with their family. Clorox got insight that showed new parents turned to social media to post and laugh about the messes their children had…

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  • The Concept Of Online Marketing Strategies

    One of the reasons why you need to make contests part of your online marketing strategy is because they are based on the concept of ‘free’. Your users feel like they are receiving something of value for free. The concept of free A research conducted by psychologists revealed that ‘free’ tends to give an emotional charge which makes people see what is being given as more valuable than it actually is. To make contests successful as part of your marketing strategy, you need to focus on your…

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  • Impact Of Internet On Tourism

    With more Internet users accessing the broadband and surfing the web at higher speeds for various reasons such as social networking, user-generated content, social bookmarking, sharing of information, videos, images and opinions, all have exponentially increased the amount of content on the Web. Web 2.0 has also witnessed a dramatically increasing use of the Web by consumers using handheld devices, including mobile phones and PDAs (Noti, 2013). Therefore, this trend puts a spotlight on the fact…

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