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  • Personal Narrative: The Beauty Of Markgragunt Gravity Landslides

    The beauty of the southwest knows no bound. The unique landscape is home to some of the most awe-inspiring mountains, cliffs, and valleys that I have seen in my life. My research and my adventures has a broad range that has a very subtle overlap. I will do the best to my ability to show you what I learned in my time in Utah and in the library. I decided to go to the Markgragunt gravity slide. Without knowledge of the exact whereabouts of the location and limited resources I saw this as an opportunity and a challenge to investigate the location in search for landslide that dated back twenty million years. Once in the nearby vicinity of the gravity slide I did some visual editing to mix the map from a geological article that did research in the location and a map with roads that I can travel on. There are some necessary terms that I had to become accustomed with. First, I had to learn what classifies as a gravity slide. The term gravity slide is referring to gravity slide tectonics. In comparison to a land slide, gravity slides compose of large slabs of the earth’s crust. In Markgragunt, the believed reason why it slid down was because the geography was mainly composed of heavy basalt that has been layered on top of sand and clay, which in due time resulted in a slip that resulted in the gravity…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With Taylor Kenneth Hammond

    The person I choose to interview was Taylor Kenneth Hammond from West Jordan, Utah. He has moved a total of 3 times in his lifetime, thus far, to finally end up in Lubbock, Texas. Having just turned 26 on the 5th of October he decided to partake in the interview to assist with his interpretations of diversity in his surroundings and current circumstances. During our discussion, he brought up many course related material such as: stereotypes, diversity consciousness, cultural competence. He also…

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  • The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

    Refugee Resettlement (ORR). The Utah IRC has 222 slots in match grant and it is $1900 per slot. The ORR also funds the Micro Enterprise Program which is a loan program. The IRC also gets funding from the International Development Association (IDA) and they provide $210,000 to the IRC but it can only be used for a car, housing, or school. If a refugee saves $2,000 for a single person or $4,000 for a family, they will match the savings. American Express gives the IRC $50,000 to provide Financial…

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  • Elizabeth Smart Research Paper

    parents would never know what had happened to the girls. After Mary Katherine identified Smart’s captor, police released Mitchell’s photo so the public could be on the lookout. Throughout many different obstacles, arguments, feeling of dying, and loss of hope, Smart was found on March 12, 2003, in a nearby suburb of Utah. If abducting a child and sexually assaulting her multiple times a day was not enough, Mitchell also transported Elizabeth over state lines, which caused the public and…

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  • Elizabeth Smart My Story Analysis

    that she had loving parents who, no matter what would happen would always love her and take her back in with them. She knew that it would only take a few years and she could outlive them. She was even more thankful for everything she had back home that she had taken for granted. The thing she was the most grateful for was her family. When Elizabeth was finally free from her captors, she found even more things to be grateful for. She was thankful for the police officer who found her and…

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  • Bear Ears National Monument Proposal

    larger than the state of Delaware. The alternative Public Lands Initiative (PLI) suggested by Representatives J. Chaffetz and R. Bishop encompasses 4.6 million acres within the Bears Ears area (Bears Ears Coalition) (Chaffetz and Bishop). The difference between the two proposals is the difference of priorities. Utah is a very conservative state and the legislature supports limited federal involvement in public land management. The Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition 's objective is to prevent…

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  • Birds Nest: A Case Study

    an idea of how many Class II wells are injecting in the Birds Nest for disposal or enhance recovery. The blue colored dots in Figure 4 represent the enhance recovery wells. Enhance recovery wells inject produced water to help increase the production oil and gas. The produce water results from these wells were not selected because the injected water will not stay in the aquifer or formations permanently. The red colored dots in Figure 4 represent the studied salt water disposal wells. The…

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  • Legal Aspects Of Polygamy

    However, in states like Utah and Colorado, where polygamy tends to happen more, the laws are stretched a bit and it isn’t so strict there. Utah has the highest number of Mormons and this correlates to the loose interpretation of polygamy laws in the state (Olaveson). Mormons are a religious group that practices polygamy and they believe that it is their religious process to do so. Recently, laws concerning anti-polygamy in Utah have been revised because of one specific court case that came…

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  • Ute Indian Nation

    took the now deceased Meekers Wife and Daughter Hostage. They then lunched a lighting raid on the Troops catching them off ground and killing or wounding over a quarter of their number, including their Commander. The Surviving Troops dug-in and sent for Reinforcements, which upon arrival quickly overcome the Utes, many of who fled and rescued the remaining original troopers. The Attacks made Head-lines across the Nation and in retribution, for what at the time was seen by many as a senseless…

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  • The Better For My Foes By Elouise Bell Analysis

    The essay The Better For My Foes written by Elouise Bell. Bell emphasizes the importance of opposition. Relaying common mistakes Americans and Mormons participate in deeming all opposition as pure evil. Bell draws a light on personal and intellectual growth that can be erected from opposition, but demonstrates the consequences of asserting it. Agonism In The Academy by Deborah Tannen reveals the weak link in the educational system. Portraying the combat like atmosphere encouraged and exposing…

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