Polygamy Is Bad

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Why is polygamy considered bad? Is it because people view polygamy as one man having their own personal harem that acts like nothing more than slaves for that man's pleasure? But is that true? To quote Elbert Hubbard “Polygamy: An endeavor to get more out of life than there is in it.” So is polygamy evil as we believe? I believe that though the government has passed many laws that are against polygamy. I believe that it should be legalized. What is polygamy, polygamy is the practice of a man marrying more than one woman. According to the LDS, church polygamy was started in the U.S by a man named Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was born on December 23, 1805, when Joseph Smith was 14 it is said that he saw God and his son Jesus, it is also said …show more content…
It wasn’t till 1890 when the Manifest happened and the LDS church gave up on living polygamy in order to become a state on January 4, 1896. However polygamy did not stop there. Polygamy was continued by some that lived around the border of Utah and Arizona, these people were part of the FLDS church founded by John Y. Barlow and Joseph White Musser in 1932. The FLDS church was created for those who refused to stop practicing polygamy, John Y. Barlow was the first to lead the FLDS church, Soon after Roulton Jeffs became leader after him until his death in 2002, that was when his son Warren Jeffs became leader. Warren Jeffs became the leader FLDS after the death of his father, during his leadership the FLDS church continued on has it has before, but it wasn’t till 2009 when carp hit the fan and problems began …show more content…
One case of mistreatment was in 1845 when many men living polygamy were arrested while many would believe that these men were arrested for not following the law others would believe that this is wrong, mainly due to the fact that living one's religion is not bad nor wrong because all that those men were doing were living their life, they were taking care of the family they loved it doesn’t matter if they had two or even three wives the matter is that they were treating them with love and respect. Another case of persecution was being judged for their beliefs. Polygamist from the beginning have had to deal with being slandered and accused of being immoral and judged on a regular basis and the thing is it shows how much they believe in there religion that they will not forsake their religion no matter what people think or do many judge polygamy as wrong because many believe that polygamy is demining to women, and all polygamy stands for is a man going from woman to woman trying to build his own harem which is wrong. Another case is the many laws were passed against polygamist. The one law that was passed against polygamy was the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act of 1862 that was signed by Abraham Lincoln which banned plural marriage in the U.S. Due to this many polygamist disliked Abraham Lincoln and believed that he was infringing on their

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