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  • Should Parents Choose Not To Vaccinate Children

    immunity,” this means that the number of children in a vaccinated population provides protection in greater numbers to those who are not (Willingham, Helft). Not only does vaccination safeguard the child from disease and illness, but it also can assist to safeguard those who may not be able to immunized in the instance of medical reasons, such as a child who has low immunity due to cancer treatments. “By breaking the chain of an infection’s transmission, vaccination can also protect people who haven 't been immunized. However, for this to work, protection requires that a certain percentage of people in a community be vaccinated” (Willingham, Helft). Allowing unvaccinated children to attend daycare/school causes concern for parents who are pro-vaccination because these unvaccinated children continually transport illness into the classroom, as a result of their parents choosing not to vaccinate. The law requires proof of vaccination of all children who attend daycare/school upon enrollment. However, many states offer immunization waivers, which let the unvaccinated child still attend without these mandated immunizations. Although the CDC has a recommended immunization schedule that the majority of pediatricians recommend and follow, they are not made mandatory in the general public setting. “State laws establish vaccination requirements for school children. These laws often apply not only to children attending public schools, but also to those attending private schools and…

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  • Argumentative Essay Vaccines

    Argumentative Essay Part One: Vaccines Sitting in the doctor’s office, holding your precious child, the recommended immunization schedule is being explained to you. You can hear the doctor, but you are not really listening anymore. All of the information becomes gradually overwhelming when you think of them poking your daughter several times, injecting all sorts of foreign elements into her vulnerable, little body. You are pretty sure you received all of these vaccines when you were young, but…

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  • Essay On Herd Immunity

    One way vaccinations protect is by preserving herd immunity. Herd immunity is defined by the Merriam-Webster English dictionary as “a reduction in the probability of infection that is held to apply to susceptible members of a population in which a significant proportion of the individuals are immune because the chance of coming in contact with an infected individual is less” (“Herd Immunity”). A “susceptible member” may include a person who has a weak immune system or cannot tolerate…

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  • Arguments For Vaccination Argumentative Essay

    Argument for Vaccinations In recent years vaccinations have been a hot topic in the news, on social media, on parenting blogs, and on nationally televised talk shows. The rate in parents choosing not to vaccinate their children is rising at an alarming rate. There have been celebrities speaking out about the dangers of vaccines, with no medical research or education to support their argument, which has led to this increase in unvaccinated children. With the higher number of unvaccinated children…

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  • Nurse Vaccination Research Paper

    mortality rates between the nations appears to be linked to the numbers of vaccinations given to babies before the age of 12 months. Babies can receive eight or more vaccines simultaneously at a doctor’s visit, between 2 and 15 months of age. By the age of 18, the CDC recommends that children should have gotten 69 doses of 16 vaccines. Vaccines are very costly though, the money adds up. Today, a person will pay $2,200 to purchase all government recommended and mandated vaccines for a child…

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  • Animal Vaccination Argumentative Essay

    near the time of infant vaccinations have ignited fears over the ingredients of vaccines that have bordered on hysteria. Unfortunately, there seems to be no definitive proof that vaccines actually cause brain diseases such as autism. However, there is too much evidence to support such claims of injury to ignore the risks. So whom can parents believe, and how can they decide whether to vaccinate their children? Is it possible that problems caused by vaccines could be as dangerous as the…

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  • Essay On Vaccinations

    Vaccinations According to the CDC, "732,000 American children were saved from death and 322 million cases of childhood illnesses were prevented from 1994-2014 due to vaccinations." ("Should Any Vaccines Be Required for Children?"). There are many parents with young children living in the United States. Those parents have the option to either have their children vaccinated or not. Growing up, my parents chose to have my siblings and me vaccinated and as a result we are all healthy. Many parents,…

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  • Vaccination Debate

    The debate about vaccinations is a very emotionally charged one. Often times parents, specifically younger parents believe that diseases have been “killed off” because there has not recently been a case. Older generations are more likely to vaccinate because they have had close experiences with the diseases and the impact on a healthy child (PBS, 2010). After watching the documentary shared with the class. I found it necessary to look into the laws of Minnesota regarding vaccinations. The first…

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  • Autism And Vaccination Essay

    relationship between vaccinations and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is one that is very controversial. Annually, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians jointly publish a schedule of recommended immunizations. Children today are routinely vaccinated against 14 diseases during their infancy and preschool years (Miller & Reynolds, 2009). In today’s society, vaccinations are used to prevent childhood diseases and have…

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  • Early Childhood Vaccinations Research

    the healthy life of this newborn child. One of the first important decisions a parent has to make after the birth of their child is that of vaccinations. “Creating a circle of protection around infants” ("Centers for Disease…

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