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  • The Song Of The Cid Analysis

    story suggests that they will never be paid. El Cid represents the Christian warrior who conquers everyone, and why should he have to pay Jewish moneychangers that no longer had a place in heaven. Also, although the text says that "a betrayal this untainted hero could never make: in all his life he had never gone back on his word", but he did not directly speak with Raguel and Vidas. This allows devise allows El Cid to keep his word and provides little sympathy for Jews in the text. Although Jews are presented in an unfavorable light in The Song of the Cid, in reality they held a number of powerful positions in Spain under Christian ruler ship. For instance, the actual El Cid, Rodrigo de Vivar, selected a Jewish man to govern the city of Valencia. Jews held a number of these positions within the Spanish kingdom, as they were valued for their knowledge of both Latin and Arabic. These individuals acted as royal scribes, and they were rewarded with properties along the fringe. Jews could also act as absentee landlords. Jonathan Ray states that "as they saw to it that their holdings were actively settled and cultivated, they were allowed to collect the profits from these lands just as they did from the mills, vineyards, and urban houses or stores they possessed elsewhere." This array of the different landholdings Jews held in the eleventh century demonstrates the amount of wealth and power Jews were able to possess. These wealthy Jewish courtiers, however, did not always…

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  • Career Goals For Computer Science

    I am a student at Valencia Community College, completing an associate degree in computer science and planning of transferring to University of Central Florida. Since my earliest childhood, I have always been interested in computers. My first program was “Adding two numbers” using code, which make me curious to know computers in deep learning. My creative and enthusiastic methods of solving the problem lead me to select a career like computer scientist. I am always doing that which I cannot do,…

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  • Summary Of Amabelle Dancer

    describes her best friend Sebastien as well, stating that he truly comforts her. The story begins as Señora Valencia is giving birth and hence Papi, her father, calls Doctor Javier to help with the birth. However, he is too late so Amabelle helps Valencia give birth to her son and then a few minutes later, a daughter. The daughter is in poor condition as the umbilical cord was badly placed and she had a caul over her face. The doctor tends to the newly born children as Papi and the…

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  • Chicano Racism

    There is a constructed myth about Chicano families not valuing education. Richard R. Valencia and Mary S. Black attribute this myth to “deficit thinking” theory (Valencia & Black, 83). Deficit thinking is based on pseudoscience, and applied to Mexican-american families of a low-socioeconomic status (SES), for a student’s degree of academic success. Deficit thinking, looks at an individual's culture as the source of their school failure, rather than pointing out the educational system itself as…

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  • Analysis Of The Farming Of Bones By Edwidge Danticat

    In the novel The Farming of Bones, by Edwidge Danticat, the reader follows the life of a Haitian servant named Amabelle. At a young age, Amabelle lost her parents and was taken in by a Dominican man named Don Ignacio and his daughter Señora Valencia. Amabelle and Señora Valencia quickly bonded and became as close as sisters even though Amabelle works for the señora. After Amabelle helps Señora Valencia deliver her children, their lives have a significant shift. Señora Valencia and Señor Pico…

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  • Theme Of Material Wealth In Slaughterhouse Five

    a whole. Billy Pilgrim’s marriage to Valencia in the novel is one of his schemes to turn to the material world in order to escape his war experiences. Vonnegut writes, “He had been rewarded for marrying a girl nobody in his right mind would have married. His father-in-law had given him a new Buick Roadmaster, an all-electric home, and had made him manager of his most prosperous office, his Ilium office, where Billy could expect at least thirty thousand dollars a year” (Vonnegut 119). Vonnegut…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Attending University

    In my first semester at Valencia College, I have met many brilliant minds. The people I met here do not deserve the stigma that centers around attending a community college. This school is their second chance. Often enough it is their only chance. The students I have met here have different stories. I met people who were detoured in high school and Valencia is their only hope to graduate from an university. I have met people who entered the service when they turned…

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  • Maritime Piracy And Terrorism Essay

    Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, increased speculation of terrorist attacks connected to maritime piracy has occurred in social media and national government discourse (Young & Valencia, 2003). Young and Valencia (2003) provide a valuable contribution to the issues concerning maritime piracy and terrorism by defining the differences and similarities between these two types of crimes. The similarities between terrorism and maritime piracy are that the underlying environmental…

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  • Field Observation Essay

    different career options we have according to the results we got, and on how to decide on a major related to the career choice. She also pointed out that we should take into consideration our strengths in our decision, because sometimes we may want to go towards a specific path, yet it does not mean that we will be successful. Another advice she gave us is to be strategic in planning our education. Not only it will save us time, but it will also help us saving money. For instance, she took the…

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  • My Encounter With Anti-Latino Racism Analysis

    Donald Trump went after Latinos.” The Guardian. September 9, 2015. Accessed November 16, 2016. Valencia, Nick. "My Encounter with Anti-Latino Racism." CNN. November 3, 2011. Accessed November 16, 2016. Anyone who thinks…

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