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  • Validity Is Necessary In Research

    Validity speaks to the magnitude to which the interpretations of test scores are grounded in theory and evidence. Validity is one of the most fundamental things to think about when evaluating psychological test. The question of validity can be expressed from three different perspectives, purpose of the test, the form the test comes in and the population being served. Therefore, researchers should never say “the test is valid.” Instead, researchers should state that the test is valid enough for the decision I need to make (Thanasegaran, 2009). Furthermore, statements about validity should be about specific interpretations for specific purposes. The validity of the particular interpretations is a necessary condition for the use of a test…

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  • Essay On Validity In Research

    Validity in Research When planning research, scholars must consider many factors. Two such factors are is the measure of the construct valid and will the specific measure of the construct result in reliable data (Trochim & Donnelly, 2008). Take for example a study to determine the effectiveness of a specific Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) medication for children ages 8-14 who are diagnosed with ADD, where the researchers yield consistent results for each participant for each dosage for the…

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  • Test Validity

    Validity looks to see if a test measures what it is supposed to measure and if the test does not then it is not valid and should not be used. There are numerous types of test validity discussed in this chapter, but the one that stuck out to me the most was face validity. Face validity just looks to see if the test looks like what it is supposed, but it is important to remember that just because it looks valid does not mean it is. I believe this stood out to me the most because of all the online…

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  • Validity Vs The Process-Focused Model

    Traditional Methods of Validity vs. the Process-Focused Model Amy Wilhelm Kaplan University PS505: Testing, Measurement and Assessment Dr. Raymond Brogan December 16, 2014 Traditional Methods of Validity vs. the Process-Focused Model Testing and assessments are used continuously in many areas of clinical psychology. The testing instrument needs to be considered reliable and valid. Cohen, Swerdlik and Struman (2013) define validity as being the estimate of how well the test…

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  • Essay On Validity And Validity

    Reliability and validity are important factors; they are key factors for having a good test. Reliability is when your test is consistent, whereas validity is the accuracy of your test. You can have a reliable test, yet not valid, but you cannot have a valid test without it being reliable. Here is an example of how reliability and validity work together. Let’s say your scale is 5lbs off, if you weigh yourself it will consistently weigh you 5 lbs off, this is reliability. Validity is your test…

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  • Multiphasic Personality Inventory

    Those event included education level, marital status, employment status (full-time, part-time, seasonal or temporary), history of suicide attempt, past psychiatric hospitalization., history of physical or sexual trauma, current medical problems, history of hallucinations, paranoid ideation, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and arrests (Jenelle Slavin-Mulford, External Validity of the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) in a Clinical Sample, 2012). The evetns were significant and scored as such…

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  • Disproportionate Gender Implications Of Compairment And Differences: Test Design And Evaluation

    control group is used to assess the validity of the battery, ensuring the scores baseline and follow-up scores are the same. Participants will be recruited as they are representative of the population being studied and the concussive circumstances in which will be specific to the area of study. Design Pre-test, post-concussion and follow-up measures will be assessed using the same cognitive tests. Two groups will be compared: a control group who do not sustain a concussion and an…

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  • Case Study Of Demographics

    Influences on reliability include: the test itself; how the test is administered and scored; and the test taker. All of these items can cause errors. The TSI reports a reliability rating on each scale and overall reliability of .93 for a combined sample of 3,401 teachers across the US. Kourmousi, Darviri, Varvogli, & Alexopoulos (2015) adapted the TSI to a Greek version and ran a comparison against the Perceived Stress Scale in which they were able to obtain similar results as well as show…

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  • Homosexuality And Discriminative Analysis

    as identifying the significant and non-significant scores was conducted, after identifying this the non-significant scores the scale variable was updated bringing the total from 15 questions to 11. After conducting a discriminative analysis, a Cronbach’s alpha was conducted this refers to a measure used to determine the reliability or consistency of a scale (using and interpreting Cronbach 's alpha, 2016), for a Cronbach 's alpha to be significant it has to be above 0.7, a Cronbach 's alpha of…

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  • A Critical Analysis Of Singer's Argument

    Singer seems to try to convince those that they are by way of argument. For example: “One can donate money to the local dog shelter to prevent abandoned dogs from being left to die on the streets. One is morally obligated to donate money to the local dog shelter.” Is this argument logically valid? Validity can only be proven if it takes the form that makes it impossible for the premises to be true and the conclusion to be false. If the argument is valid it is guaranteed that the conclusion is…

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