Summary Of Amabelle Dancer

Plot-The protagonist, Amabelle Desir, describes how her shadow is one of her best friends and removes her from the loneliness and isolation of her life. She briefly describes her best friend Sebastien as well, stating that he truly comforts her. The story begins as Señora Valencia is giving birth and hence Papi, her father, calls Doctor Javier to help with the birth. However, he is too late so Amabelle helps Valencia give birth to her son and then a few minutes later, a daughter. The daughter is in poor condition as the umbilical cord was badly placed and she had a caul over her face. The doctor tends to the newly born children as Papi and the housemaid, Juana see the babies. The doctor tells Amabelle and Juana to help the children and …show more content…
She asks Father Emil where Father Romain is and he tells her that he is in Ouanaminthe. She sees Father Romain who does not remember Amabelle as he is still mentally ill from the torture. Later, she sees him in the Cap and he is back to a normal state of mind in which he is no longer a priest, but he says he may return to Algeria. Man Rapadou tells Amabelle that she poisoned her husband because he was going to kill innocent Dominicans. She dreams that Sebastien will meet her at the waterfall. She meets a man in a black jeep who takes her back across the border into the Dominican Republic. He stops at a square and after searching Amabelle finally finds Valencia’s house. It is a new home and a young girl lets her in while a handmaid questions her. When she takes her to the señora, Valencia questions Amabelle and is suspicious. However, she finally realizes it is her and is disappointed that she questioned her. She tells Amabelle that Papi is dead and that Rosalinda is married with a military man. She takes Amabelle in her automobile to the waterfall with Sylvie, the handmaid. The handmaid asks why they use parsley for slaughter and Valencia answers the question. Amabelle returns to the square where the man is ready to pick her up and she says farewell to Valencia. Amabelle asks the man to drop her off in Dominican territory at the bridge. He reluctantly agrees and she remembers her mother, father, Wilner, and Odette who died in the river. She sees the crazy professor and decides to go into the river. The professor returns and sees Amabelle, only to walk away as he looks for the

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