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“December 14. [1984]Cuba and the U.S. reach an agreement on an immigration program under which 2,746 refugees (Marielitos) are returned to Cuba, and the U.S. agrees to permit the immigration of 20,000 Cubans annually.” ( People have many different reasons to stay or leave whatever situation they are in. Under certain circumstances there is room for choices to be made; other times it will not be as simple or clear. In Everyone Leaves by Wendy Guerra, the theme is that the decision to leave or stay for many of the characters can be one of the hardest to make. Even with valid judgement to make such choices, there is not always an option to from. The source where this evidence can be found to support this claim is located in the …show more content…
Nieve, eight years old, lived in Cuba with her mom and her mom’s Swedish husband Fausto. Fausto had been informed by the Cuban government that he can no longer stay in Cuba and must return to his own country. Nieve’s comes to give her the news, “ She told me that Fausto was suddenly ordered to leave for Sweden. They gave him twenty-four hours to buy a ticket and get out” (88). Nieve had been living with her mother and Fausto for awhile until her father took the to court to gain custody of her. Since she left a lot of things had changed back home with Fausto and her mother. Fausto, the only positive father figure in her life, is being expelled from the country with no chance of returning. In Cuba, staying is not guaranteed for foreign deemed untrustworthy. Similarly, when Nieve finally escapes from her abusive father, she is reunited with her mother. However this reunion does not last long when they get separated again and she is placed in an orphanage, “ We’re in a town called Cruces. My mother was crying when we left but I don’t want to see her right now. I realize she’s always been a coward, and so long as she’s that way, we’ll never be together” (75). Nieve must leave her mother against her will once again. She was told she can not stay with her due to the court regarding her as an unfit parent. Through she loves her mom and wants to stay with her; she has no other alternative …show more content…
Osvaldo, Nieve’s ex boyfriend, just announced on the news that he will not be returning to Cuba and is staying in Paris forever. Nieve is then visited by two strangers who interrogated her, “ I tried to avoid a search. When i handed over my papers I was also giving up my pass to the rest of the world... Good-bye Pair, good-bye world” (251-252). Nieve finally got her passport to leave Cuba and in an instant it was taken stolen from her. She can never leave the island now and follow those who left her alone. Now she has no choice but to stay with no hope of leaving, she just has to accept her fate, “ I’m in Havana, and I try, I try to go forward, a little each day. But once the Caribbean freezes, there’s no chance of going anywhere. Over here, I continue to write in my Diary, wintering with my thoughts, unable to move, condemned forever to be in the very same place” (254). Sometimes in life there are obstacles that are attempted but eventually accepted. Nieve realized that her chances of escaping the island were gone and all she can do is try to live each day to the fullest and not look

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