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  • The D-Day: The Invasion Of Normandy

    Contrary to the bombardment of Omaha Beach, the early aerial attacks wiped out much of the German defenses that the land troops would have had to encounter. British warships proved themselves during this time. These ships were incredibly accurate, even from miles away (D-Day). Giant land clearing and mine clearing tank-like machines called “Funnies” cleared the way for land troops on the shore. British troops went to work. They seized control over a few exits within only an hour. Eventually, the British managed to gain hold over a fishing village by the name of Arromanches (D-Day). Within days of its seizure, Arromanches became a makeshift port for the Allies to unload supplies used in the battles. When one ship is sailing so smoothly, it is to be expected that another would be the polar opposite, as we see in the battle on Juno…

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  • Ute Indian Nation

    took the now deceased Meekers Wife and Daughter Hostage. They then lunched a lighting raid on the Troops catching them off ground and killing or wounding over a quarter of their number, including their Commander. The Surviving Troops dug-in and sent for Reinforcements, which upon arrival quickly overcome the Utes, many of who fled and rescued the remaining original troopers. The Attacks made Head-lines across the Nation and in retribution, for what at the time was seen by many as a senseless…

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  • Bear Ears National Monument Proposal

    larger than the state of Delaware. The alternative Public Lands Initiative (PLI) suggested by Representatives J. Chaffetz and R. Bishop encompasses 4.6 million acres within the Bears Ears area (Bears Ears Coalition) (Chaffetz and Bishop). The difference between the two proposals is the difference of priorities. Utah is a very conservative state and the legislature supports limited federal involvement in public land management. The Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition 's objective is to prevent…

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  • Nancy Lou Webster: A Short Story

    Elgin history spotlight – Nancy Lou Webster This is the story of longtime Elgin resident/artist Nancy Lou Webster and her 1935 Straight 8 Buick Coupe with suicide doors named “Katie.” The story begins with Nancy Lou as a teen in Oxford, Mississippi. “Miss Kate Skipwith was a philanthropist who lived on Main Street in Oxford, Mississippi. She wanted a car so she ordered a new car to be shipped by rail to her. A 1935 Buick Series 40 Coupe. It arrived by rail in Oxford with five miles on the…

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  • Unemployment In Preston County Essay

    Unemployment in Preston County is an ongoing problem. Everywhere you see, people are working less and less. West Virginia is at the top of the state unemployment and labor statistics list. It has many people asking questions. Is it that hard to obtain a job in Preston County? The worst thing about the whole situation is that West Virginian residents seem like they do not want to work. MarketWatch reported in March of 2015 that less than half adults (18 or older) in West Virginia have a job.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Beauty Of Markgragunt Gravity Landslides

    The beauty of the southwest knows no bound. The unique landscape is home to some of the most awe-inspiring mountains, cliffs, and valleys that I have seen in my life. My research and my adventures has a broad range that has a very subtle overlap. I will do the best to my ability to show you what I learned in my time in Utah and in the library. I decided to go to the Markgragunt gravity slide. Without knowledge of the exact whereabouts of the location and limited resources I saw this as an…

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  • Treasure Island Research Paper

    We had to get a quick breakfast so we ate McDonald's and headed on our way. It was long and tiring, but we made it there around 6:00 pm. We checked out the sites and stayed at the Treasure Island which was 49$ a night. Day 4: We had a great time in Vegas because when we hit the slots and we won 2,000 dollars that night. Next place was off to Salt Lake City Utah which is 420 miles exactly. For lunch we stopped off at Subway which costed us about 10 bucks. We reached there at 4:00pm and visited…

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  • Elizabeth Smart My Story Analysis

    that she had loving parents who, no matter what would happen would always love her and take her back in with them. She knew that it would only take a few years and she could outlive them. She was even more thankful for everything she had back home that she had taken for granted. The thing she was the most grateful for was her family. When Elizabeth was finally free from her captors, she found even more things to be grateful for. She was thankful for the police officer who found her and…

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  • Polygamy Is Bad

    It wasn’t till 1890 when the Manifest happened and the LDS church gave up on living polygamy in order to become a state on January 4, 1896. However polygamy did not stop there. Polygamy was continued by some that lived around the border of Utah and Arizona, these people were part of the FLDS church founded by John Y. Barlow and Joseph White Musser in 1932. The FLDS church was created for those who refused to stop practicing polygamy, John Y. Barlow was the first to lead the FLDS church, Soon…

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  • Salt Lake City Research Paper

    Is Salt Lake City prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse? Probably not, no. Nobody could ever be completely prepared for an Apocalypse, let alone an entire city. Whether it be mentally or physically prepared. Not everybody is prepared for what we have to deal with now, let alone when they’re constantly being invaded by flesh eaters. What would definitely be needed is medical care, plenty of non infected food and drinks, safe shelters, weaponry, transportation, power, service, and good leadership. It…

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