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  • The Root Causes Of The Aral Sea Disaster

    “crescive” and “constructed”. I will analyze the Aral sea disaster through the following lenses, first is political - harsh Soviet politics and transition to the market economy that had subsequently resulted in recession, second is socio-economic- impoverishment of the local communities, deterioration of health, and outmigration, and third is ecological - overexploitation of the sea, loss of flora and fauna, desertification, and etc. (Saiko, 235, 1998). Further, this paper will help in forming my definition of the environmental disaster in case of the Aral Sea region. The Aral Sea, according to the local legend passed onto me by my mother once was the second largest lake on earth. It is situated in Central Asia- modern day Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan (autonomous region of Karakalpakstan) (Micklin, 49, 2007). According to Micklin in The Aral Sea Disaster “The sea supported a major fishery and functioned as a key regional transportation route. The extensive deltas of the Syr Dar’ya and Amu Dar’ya sustained a diversity of flora and fauna” (49, 2007). Allocated in a politically sensitive and geographically significant area, the Aral Sea became a strategically important site for USSR’s military testing of bio weapons till 1990s, as well as agricultural prosperity through cultivation of crops, cotton, and etc. (Micklin, 11, 2007). Consequently, such political circumstances led to the overexploitation of the Aral sea’s environment, both in the past and the present, as evidenced by…

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  • Paralegal Program: A Personal Statement

    I was born in Kazakhstan in former the Soviet Union, and moved to Russia at age 9. I’m considered Caucasian. I am fluent in Kazakh, Russian, Uzbek, Turkish and English. The thought about immigrating to the United States was horrifying to me. It was a new big country with new challenges for us, people who spoke different language that we didn’t speak at that time, a new traditions that we had to face, but we were grateful that the United States gave us a chance to live as human beings. Back in…

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  • The Liberal Peace Theory Of The United Nations

    The application of such a theory may not be as successful as it is expected to be. Indeed, giving power to the people may foster Liberal Peace in some countries, but applying the theory to a war-shattered country does not work. Moreover, the notion of peace, that is very important in the Liberal Peace theory, is questionable. Does peace only exist in democracies ? Technically, peace is the absence of conflict and some undemocratic countries fit that definition. The economic institutions also…

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  • Cotton Supply Chain Case Study

    prosper, and so, more and more interest is being given by the organisations to applicate ethical values in business, (K. Shravan Kumar, Ginna Reddy, G. Ramaiah, 2014). Identification of the Injustice in Cotton supply chain We found many ethical issues related to the cotton supply chain, but the main unethical problem observed is the issue of force labour, most of the impact cause contribution to this problem is sponsored by the country itself, cases like Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan…

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  • Shazzle Swot Analysis

    technology, the natural environment, economic issues and demographic factors are taken into account as macro environment (Kroon, 1995). Shazzle trades mainly in Uzbekistan but also in international markets including; Central Asia and the Europe. Different countries have different economic cycles , so trading in terms of interest rates is the predominant goal of the Shazzle company. Manifestly, powerful influences such as war (in Afghanistan) and natural disasters (hurricanes and etc.) have a…

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  • Statement Of Purpose For Teaching English As A Foreign Language

    be done in the system of the higher education in this area. Most of the materials used in universities and institutes in Uzbekistan were written during the Soviet Union era and are not relevant to modern methods and approaches of teaching foreign languages in terms of their content and subject matter. Therefore, I would like to focus on designing and developing a set of textbooks and course materials for students of pre-service English teacher training courses in…

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  • Self Evaluation Essay Example

    Self-Evaluation Essay I was born next to flea market in Tashkent. I first came to the US when I was three, settling in Colorado. My parents promoted my English education so I could fit in, sacrificing my Russian and Uzbek language and culture. I subsequently moved to D.C when I was six and I moved to Georgia when I was fourteen. I started boarding at St. Albans when I was fifteen and spend my winter and summer breaks in Georgia. Every two years or so my family and I visit Uzbekistan and I gain…

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  • Effects Of Corruption In Literature

    favor, relationship and the nature of the payoff (2010, 367). In their research Chang and Chu on the other hand do not clearly operationalize corruption or the specific subjects’ namely political corruption and institutional trust. However they introduce "Asian corruption exceptionalism,” which argues that “one contextual account for differential corruption is that political cultures vary in different countries.” This concept tends to agree with the posit made by Urinboyev and Svensson.…

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  • Korean Taekwondo Philosophy

    The principles behind Korean Taekwondo and Indian Chess have one thing in common. They both challenge the mind. While taekwondo is physically demanding, it requires careful coordination between the mind and the body. Growing up in Uzbekistan, a state under the former Soviet Union, I started taekwondo and chess at the age of 5. Both activities required tremendous concentration and extensive training. The early start and continued focus paid off as I achieved a black belt 3rd degree and a chess…

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  • H & M Case Analysis Essay

    H&M has a powerful and innovative design and management team, but H&M does not own any of their factories, they outsource all their production is one of the smartest decision that H&M has made. Align with their realizable strategy offer fashion and quality at the best price, all the H&M has achieved successes of offering at the best price for the fashion and quality are at the expense of taking risk at abusing labour rights. H&M, the biggest fast fashion giant in apparel industry, is the biggest…

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