Mormon fundamentalism

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  • Polygamy Is Bad

    their own personal harem that acts like nothing more than slaves for that man's pleasure? But is that true? To quote Elbert Hubbard “Polygamy: An endeavor to get more out of life than there is in it.” So is polygamy evil as we believe? I believe that though the government has passed many laws that are against polygamy. I believe that it should be legalized. What is polygamy, polygamy is the practice of a man marrying more than one woman. According to the LDS, church polygamy was started in the U.S by a man named Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was born on December 23, 1805, when Joseph Smith was 14 it is said that he saw God and his son Jesus, it is also said that he was given a golden book by an angel and translated it to make The Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith officially began the LDS church on April 6, 1830, and then began converting people to his church, Joseph Smith began the practice of polygamy around 1831 when he said he had a revelation from God. Joseph Smith and his brother were killed on June 27, 1844, when a mob of Missourians and the Carthage Greys charged the Carthage Jail located in Missouri, but polygamy continued despite Joseph Smiths death. In Utah polygamy was a big factor, many of the LDS church lead by Brigham Young arrived in Utah in around 1847. Polygamy was around in Utah for years, but also they struggled to get statehood. At first Utah could not become a state because of the size that the people wanted Utah is otherwise known as The State Deseret during…

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  • Evangelical Protestants Arguments Against Vegetarianism

    Evangelical Protestants maintain influence in American democracy due to their size and involvement in government. One third of Americans are considered to be evangelical Christians. Evangelical Protestants adhere to a strict moral code and place a strong emphasis on the importance of family values. As a result, they object to gay marriage, stem cell research, and abortion. Evangelicals are firm in their beliefs and form pluralist groups like the National Association of Evangelicals, the Family…

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  • Compare And Contrast Wendell Berry And Wendell Slater

    several areas, and so psychosurgery is based on a flawed attempt to carry over the same physicalist thinking that has been so powerful in bodily medicine, inappropriately to the medicine of the mind.” (Slater) The world of physicalism that the study of medicine has adapted to, positively impacts the advancement in the world of medicine because of the impact that the results have proven. On the contrary, there is a trail that this desire for existing physical substances leaves behind and the…

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  • Who Killed Brenda And Erica Lafferty Analysis

    Krakauer connects the Lafferty brothers, and the murders to Mormon history, which implies focusing on its vicious and authoritarian perspectives. It’s noteworthy to say that the murders of Brenda and Erica Lafferty took place because of historical, psychological, anthropological, and sociological evidence. Historical being religions, psychological being the personal and familial psychological history, anthropological being family, culture, and religion, and lastly sociological, which was how the…

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  • Islamic Fundamentalism

    Fundamentalism refers to the static adoption of a given ideology in ones life (3), often leading to a firm rejection of alternate beliefs and a strictly authoritarian world view (1). Religious fundamentalism employs a literal acceptance of the ideology and scriptures of a given religion (11), driven by the psychological character of the fundamentalist who 's primary aim is to create a society based off their religious ideology (6). The ways in which fundamentalism affects human behaviour can be…

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  • Colleen Vignette Case Study

    Within the Mormon religion they are taught to respect women and not go to places like strip clubs which show a lot of female body. Eric and his friends also went out drinking which a huge another component that goes against the Mormon beliefs. In the Word of Wisdom issued in 1833 by Mormon founder Joseph Smith. Alcohol, tobacco, and hot drinks which church leaders described as coffee and tea. This is important piece to the religion aspect which the members have to follow because it is written in…

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  • Anthropology Of Fundamentalism

    The Anthropology of Fundamentalism Fundamentalism from an anthropological perspective is interpreted quite differently than fundamentalism from the historical perspective. First and foremost, there is no argument about whether or not fundamentalism describes movements outside of the Protestant movement in the United States. Anthropologists interpret fundamentalism as one of many human reactions to modern society. For the fervently religious, fundamentalism is an attempt to reunite the morals…

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  • The Better For My Foes By Elouise Bell Analysis

    The essay The Better For My Foes written by Elouise Bell. Bell emphasizes the importance of opposition. Relaying common mistakes Americans and Mormons participate in deeming all opposition as pure evil. Bell draws a light on personal and intellectual growth that can be erected from opposition, but demonstrates the consequences of asserting it. Agonism In The Academy by Deborah Tannen reveals the weak link in the educational system. Portraying the combat like atmosphere encouraged and exposing…

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  • African American Equality Essay

    treatment of the Mormons, from the time of the formation of their religion to the 1890’s when their persecution was at its high. The Mormon religion was started by Joseph Smith Jr. in the 1820’s, when he first got his revelations from God, which were then turned into the Book of Mormon. The problems began for Smith though as soon as he started telling people about his new religion. He immediately was faced with a lot of judgement and skepticism from other people including his family. Soon the…

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  • The Influence Of Joseph Smith's Second Great Awakening

    Joseph Smith played a pivotal role in the Mormon faith as its founder. His upbringing greatly influenced his achievements during the 1830s and 1840s. The Second Great Awakening, a religious revival movement during the early 19th century in the United States, also influenced Smith, in turn, compelling him to believe he was needed for significant religious duties. Joseph Smith’s Church of Christ had many beliefs outside the norm and practiced many ideas that were not considered acceptable by…

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