Absolute risk reduction

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  • Absolute Risk Reduction

    compare the risk of bad outcomes in patients receiving the intervention and those receiving the control. The most common methods used in expressing information about treatment options and risk reductions are absolute risk, absolute risk reduction, relative risk and relative risk reduction. Absolute risk reduction (ARR) or Risk difference (RD) is the most practical and useful method to interpret research results and is most important in clinical decision making. However, the relative risk and relative risk reduction is more commonly used among studies .1,2 Definitions Absolute risk (AR) is defined as the term used to indicate that a certain event (outcome) will actually happen or the incidence of developing the outcome among population and is calculated as the number of patients developing…

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  • Job's Summary: Enemy

    faith was of a magnitude that he wrapped his mind at least partially around the divine Warrior and Enemy also being the perfect divine Advocate and Intercessor. This was one more step in peeling back the layers of Job’s faith. His unshakeable confidence in God’s absolute sovereignty undergirded each succeeding declaration in its context. For the past three chapters, Job’s thinking was in the judicial framework. He was about to add another dimension. Sidebar - Is this the end of the discussion?…

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  • The Jesus Question By Judith Plaskow Summary

    There are various symbols for religious imagination and its not common to re-imagine or re-symbolize the traditional concept of God; but its good to try and see God from other peoples points of view, to have an open mind about the understanding of God. Author, Judith Plaskow argues in her story, "Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective" about the images and numerous metaphors of God. "If identifying God with a particular set of metaphors both limits God and supports a…

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  • Kierkegaard's Spheres Of Existence And Boredom

    feels that by devoting life to god, one will get the most out of existence. Rather than living for oneself, the aesthete, or even living for others, the ethical, one must devote fully to god. The relationship that most have with god is through universal ethics that religion dictates. By following these rules, the individual can relate to the Absolute. While the actions that god tells the individual to do might be illogical, Kierkegaard sees faith as illogical. To fully explain, the leap of faith…

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  • The Value Of A Christian Worldview

    Many modern educational philosophies consistently reject the absolute truths of the traditional philosophic teachings of Plato and Aristotle. Thus, these modern philosophies believe that truth is relative and based on the changing opinions of the masses (pragmatism) or the perspectives of each individual (existentialism). Each of these views fails to recognize the absolute truths found in the order and structure of the universe. Many people who consider themselves Christians also believe that…

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  • Tillich's Argument Analysis

    All living beings have concerns in life such as whether or not they have enough money for gas to get back and forth to work until the next paycheck, or if the power will get shut off due to lack of payment. Man, however, also has spiritual concerns. According to Tillich, “faith is the state of being ultimately concerned” (Smith, 2003). The Ultimate Concern is that which demands the complete surrender of the person who faithfully accepts the Ultimate. Additionally, faith in and surrender to…

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  • An Essay About My American Dream

    I desire an outstanding job because I want an everyday experience of preforming to the best of my abilities. If everyday of that job were the same, I would no longer be challenged to achieve the best work everyday because I would preform the same work everyday. The same goes for my want of a loving family. I look forward to the opportunity to care for and provide for my family each day the absolute best that I can but doing the same tasks each day would quickly grow boring and unchallenging. My…

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  • The Permanence Of The Sat-Chit, Verses 40-9 And Forty-Six

    Satpa(n)th is the representation of Sat (Truth), just as the Supreme Name of Allah, the Ism al-a‘ẓam, embodies the Sat (Truth) and is therefore, referred to by Pir Shams in his Brahm Prakāsh, Sat Shabd (True Word). Above all, the Ginans make a lavish use of the term Sat in conjunction with Gur, i.e. Satgur, which demonstrates that, as the Epitome of the Eternal Truth, the Satguru is able to lead one to the Sat (Truth) – hence, the appellation Satguru, that is, the True Guide, Teacher of Truth,…

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  • Reversed Realities: Care's Women Empowerment

    focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty" (CARE), which is the embodiment of the efficiency argument, valuing women as " 'smart economics ', the phrase coined by brilliant marketers at the World Bank to promote investment in women and girls"(Cornwall 2014: 1). Feminist development scholars frown upon this tactic, because it makes women important only when they can create…

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  • Third Estate: Prior To The French Revolution

    revolution. When Bossuet wrote this advice, the people physically mattered, but their ideas did not. The lack of attention from the government was a factor in the French Revolution, and at this point, the people did not care that they did not have a say, but later, it became a fierce point of contention. Eventually, the public began to care about the fact that the monarchy neglected their concerns, so they took action, and the king had no choice other than to acknowledge them. When did the…

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