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  • To The Animal Refuge: A Narrative Fiction

    Animal Refuge.” “They’ll be closed.” “I’ll ring Kay Wilkins on the way.” “You know her?” “I have spent some time in this town too!” She reached down and touched the soft fur. “She’s a friend of Mum’s.” “I wouldn’t have thought Franchette…” She gave him a quick look and saw the warning in her eyes and stopped himself in time. “I’ll go back to the car and get the blanket from the backseat. Mum’s going to be real pleased I used it to wrap around a bleeding kangaroo, you know?” What is the in arguing with her. She will try to pick it up by herself and get kicked. Then we might be heading to the hospital instead of the vet clinic. He returned with the blanket. Carefully he covered the head so the animal would not be able to see what was happening. He wrapped the material around the twitching body and carried it gently to the boot. Penny dropped the phone back into her shoulder bag. “Were you able to get her?” “Yes. She said, ’sure that’s what we’re here for’.” “Great! Let’s go.” He started the engine. “You never answered my question.” He glanced over at her as he swung the car back onto the road. She was staring at him. Reminding him of Franchette…

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  • Violin And The Classical Era

    holding the instrument, “[the] early Classical period assured holding the violin on the shoulder, though a few village violinists might still have played violins on the breast.” The shoulder playing technique is how modern violinists play the instrument today, but none of this would be possible if were not for the Classical period and its improvements to the instrument. One violinist made the violin into what it is known as today, “The modern bow had been invented by Francois Tourte. Its…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Four Passions In The Classroom

    One of the four passions in my life is teaching elementary and middle school students music, primarily through the use of string instruments. I get excited about teaching music because it is important to the human experience. It aids in the creativity and expression of students, teaches important social skills, and encourages working as a team to achieve a goal. But most importantly, it teaches students to enjoy the process of developing a skill and that talent can be increased. Learning in my…

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  • Oklahoma State University Symphony Orchestra Concert Report Sample

    Center for the Performing Arts on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. At the concert, I was an amateur, listener to this type of music. I had never witnessed a live performance of this musical style before. I would consider myself to be a passive listener. I listened to the performance with great effort and tried to pick out detail. Due to my lack of knowledge before participating in this course, I was unable to precisely, dissect and have full understanding of all…

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  • Machumann Concert Report Sample

    is inspired by the nature imagery and knightly tales where the instrumentation very much resembles palace horns, bird songs, and also the mystery of the forests. The first movement, Bewegt, nicht zu schnell, begins with a distant horn call, over the shimmering of strings. The theme then quickly picked up by the woodwinds. One of the favourite rhythmic was a duplet followed by a triplet, it was also the climax of the first theme. Whereas on the second theme, it combined the violin’s chirping bird…

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  • Jeu De Bague Research Paper

    Mique also designed a frivolous Chinese inspired structure built in 1776 called the ‘Jeu de Bague’. This was a small red and silver coloured merry-go-round, which had carved wooden seats in the form of peacocks for the ladies and dragons for the men. As it turned on its axis sounds would emanate from small egg-shaped bells suspended from under its cupola. In 1781 Marie Antoinette had a semi-circular pavilion built behind the Jeu de Bague to provide better shelter from the elements for her…

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  • Case Study Design: Listening To Their Choice Of Indian Music

    Study design: Three independant groups (10 in each) listening to their choice of Indian music.Group 1 – Indo Jazz, Group 2 – Indian classical Instrument and Group 3 – violin.The experiment protocol for the study design was given Table 5.3 Table 5.3: Shows the experimental protocol Baseline 2 minutes Listening to the music of choice (Task 1) 3 minutes Rest 1 (Silence) 2 minutes Listening to choice of music and performing task (task 2) 3 minutes Rest 2 (Silence) 2 minutes Task only (Task 3)…

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  • Disadvantages Of Headphones

    Whether you need some quality headphones for private listening at home or work or you just want some great-looking accessories that can help you express your personal style, you must know that there are hundred of models which can help you satisfy your needs. With so much variety in headphone style, it's impossible not to find a model that works for you. There are various types of headphones available on the market, and each one of these small units comes with an advanced technology and various…

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  • Bagpipe Band Analysis

    These days, the popularity of the bagpipe bands in Delhi is increasing gradually. Most of the people today are hiring the bagpipe bands to perform at the various events like wedding celebrations, college event, corporate events, etc. The bagpipe bands add more to the entertainment quotient to the event. The fascinating sound from the bagpipe and its harmonization with the other instruments really create and amazing atmosphere that charms people. So if one wants to make their event a hit and…

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  • Heartless Poem Analysis

    In the song “Heartless”, Kanye uses a slow, sentimental beat while carrying on an auto tune sound that would be very uplifting. A slow heartbeat-like beat in the background, after the first few seconds a fast paced piano comes in. The rapping starts to pick up its pace and the lyrics get sadder. Kanye Wests Heartless has been considered a masterpiece, and in my opinion it has been. Various artists had rarely used the auto-tuned sound, and Kanye brings it back with recent album “The College…

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