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  • Why Dog Eat Dirt

    First and foremost, this unusual thing is referred to as pica. Pica means eating things that are considered as non-food items such as poop, pee, and in this case, dirt. Our dogs have always been weird when it comes to their personal choices of food since they take pleasure in eating feces, dirt, and a lot more things that are not edible for us. Why does my dog eat dirt? As I understand it, there are many reasons why do dogs eat dirt. It is important for us, dog owners, to know which among these reasons affect our dogs so that we may be ale to respond to it properly and if we are lucky enough, we can put an end to this bad habit of theirs. 1. Stage of exploration. Each one of our dogs go through a stage of exploration. Just like human babies,…

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  • Reflection On My Bookmark: Pica Pica

    On the front side of my bookmark, I drew a purple Pica pica on the top right corner. In my culture, Pica pica is a symbol of lucky and happiness in my culture. If some people can hear a Pica pica chirped in front of them, it means they will be lucky during the entire day. Thus, Pica pica attracted people’s attention very easy, and this is the reason why I colored the Pica pica on my bookmark by purple, the most charming color. I chose Pica pica to be the biggest symbol on my bookmark because I…

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  • Essay On Pica

    Pica The word ‘pica’ comes from the genus and species for magpie. In the past, people thought that what the magpie’s carried in their beaks is what they ate, though now we know that they just used those random objects for their nests (Young, 2011). The relationship between the word meaning and the disorder is accurate. Pica is an eating disorder where those who are afflicted with it eat things they are not supposed to, and it can negatively affect the sufferer's social lives and health. Pica…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Pica

    first, but what about when it becomes habitual? Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Lesley Compton, PhD, describes Pica as “an eating disorder . . . [where people] who have pica eat items that are not food such as dirt, ice, bugs, wall plaster, paint chips, hair, and other items (Compton). Pica more commonly affects children 18-24 months old; however, it is not uncommon for pregnant women to be diagnosed with Pica. Pica has many subcategories which are defined by the substance being eaten. For example,…

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  • Pica Research Paper

    known as Pica. This psychological disorder, which is sub classified as an eating disorder, involves an individual whom compulsively eats nonfood substances that have no nutritional value (Theravive). Without a doubt, psychologists need to understand why Pica occurs, who contracts it, the risk associated with it and what can be done to treat or reduce this disorder. One may ask why do individuals have Pica? Obviously, there are various reasons individuals may suffer from Pica. For example, it…

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  • Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa And Pica

    eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Pica. Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder where people become significantly preoccupied with body image to the point where the person participates…

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  • Pic Treatment

    Treatments Studies of pica show that there has been very little amounts of investigation done based on community-based research for people with pica (Gravestock, 2008). In other words, there has been little research done on individuals with pica whom do not live in an institutional setting and live within their communities. In order for an intervention to be a successful treatment, it must diminish the behavior 70%-90% from the baseline (Williams & McAdam, 2012). This successful treatment…

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  • Why Do Kids Have Recess

    Recess is an important part in every child's life. Recess is a vital subject that most people overlook, rather we must understand so that children can have breaks and, for them to appreciate the reason why kids need recess. 44% of school’s administrators report cutting significant time from recess so there is more time for subjects like reading and math (Nanci Hellmich 2). Everyday tardiness, acting out in class, and failure to complete homework are being punished by not allowing the kids to go…

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  • Symptoms Of Eating Disorders

    discussed, however, is how students with these disorders manage them in the classroom. There are three major eating disorders that pervade high schools across the nation: Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. These three conditions not only affect eating habits, but also impact the sufferer’s self-esteem and social interactions. The severe anxiety and stress associated with these disorders is a more concentrated version of the social pressures that many teenagers face…

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  • The Importance Of Recess In Education

    The length of time is important because “Short fifteen to twenty-minute recess sessions, often interrupt the children just as they are about to figure out who and what they are going to play” (Strauss). Without extended pauses in the school day, students cannot acquire time to socialize; therefore, they would not learn life skills to prepare them for adulthood. For some children, “Recess may be the only time during the day when children have an opportunity to experience socialization and real…

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