Essay On Pica

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The word ‘pica’ comes from the genus and species for magpie. In the past, people thought that what the magpie’s carried in their beaks is what they ate, though now we know that they just used those random objects for their nests (Young, 2011). The relationship between the word meaning and the disorder is accurate. Pica is an eating disorder where those who are afflicted with it eat things they are not supposed to, and it can negatively affect the sufferer's social lives and health.
Pica really boils down to craving and eating things that are not food (Young, 2011). Though a more proper definition from the fifth edition of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders states that pica is the “persistent eating of nonnutritive
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They do this out of fear of being judged, rejected, or being made to stop. Continuing the topic from earlier, negative social reactions from seeing pica in the media may further convince sufferers to stay silent about their disorder if it confirmed their fears. Since pica is uncommon and rarely discussed it is seen as weird in the United States. There is little representation out there for the disorder and what is out there, like My Strange Addiction, is largely negative. The Daily Mail article that talks about Lisa uses a sensationalized title, and does not portray the disorder in a neutral or positive light (“I’m addicted”, 2013). In the end, pica is an eating disorder that comes with negative effects just like all other eating disorders. It can cause problems socially with both strangers and family alike passing judgment and it can cause serious physical problems depending on what is ingested by the person. People with pica may be ashamed and keep it a secret because of how people react to it in the media but, it is not a disorder to be laughed at or mocked, it is serious and affects the lives of those who have

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